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Pratham USA Readathon 2013

Vineeta Salvi Walia

Pratham USA Readathon 2013

The Readathon is very similar to a walkathon where children in the US read books (and raise funds) so that underprivileged children in India can learn to read books through Pratham. It is a win-win-win program where everyone involved wins!**

Most of our Indian-American children love to read, but participating in a Readathon helps make their reading count! Because, in addition to enjoying all the benefits of reading books, it also hones their communication, management and marketing skills (when raising funds), and allows them to experience the satisfaction of helping others (knowing that one underprivileged child in India has been able to attend a Pratham school for a whole year, because they raised $25, and multiples thereof). And finally, this community service opportunity to demonstrate organizational and leadership skills will strengthen the resume of high school students who sign up to be Readathon Coordinators.

Please visit Pratham USA website www.prathamusa.org to know more about Pratham’s wonderful work for child education in India.

All information related to the Pratham USA Readathon 2013 is available at http://www.prathamusa.org/get-involved/readathon.

To register your child/niece/nephew for the Readathon, please click on this link: http://pratham.seeyourimpact.org/readathon2013/boston/

Recently, Pratham was featured on PBS under its Agents of Change program. Please view the segment at your convenience http://www.prathamusa.org/news/pbs-newshour-report-pratham

**I speak from personal experience about the win-win-win nature of the Readathon program, as my own daughter, Divya has been doing Readathons for Pratham since she was 6 years old (in 2002). Now 17 years, and a senior in high school, she (and in fact, our whole family) has benefitted tremendously from her/our close association with Pratham over the years. She was given the opportunity to address an audience of 500+ guests at the Pratham Houston Gala on April 27th 2013.

To listen to her speech, visit:

- Vineeta, National Co-Chair, Pratham USA Readathon 2013

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