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Pushap Kapoor, Quincy College Vice President, Receives A Lifetime Award

Chander M.Kapasi, M.D; M.P.H.

Quincy College Vice President Pushap Kapoor receives a Lifetime Award from the President and  Chairman of the Board of Quincy College

Pushap Raj Kapoor chose to retire after 20 years of service to the Quincy College even though Quincy College did not want him to leave. He was vice president of administration and enrollment management. He was first hired in1992 and rose to become the vice president, and a person most familiar with the college's finances.

Thomas Feenan, a member of the governing board said, “Kapoor was the key person who helped the school recover from a crisis a decade ago, when its surgical program was shut down”. He was one of the most essential persons in the whole school. He knew everything - all of the financial doings of the college. He just knew where all the money was and what the budget was. He had a tremendous institutional knowledge.

William Grindleys, chairman of the college's board of governors mentioned that Kapoor performed several financial duties during a period when the college was having difficulty hiring a chief financial officer.

While giving the Lifetime Award and appreciating his 20 years of service, the chairman said that Kapoor's leadership qualities will be remembered by many. He was a tremendous help in adoption and review of the college policy.

Receiving the award with a standing ovation, Pushap thanked his family and the college and established a scholarship in the college for a female student in memory of his parents Mr. Shadi Lal Kapoor and Mrs. Sharda Kapoor.

Pushap moved to U.S.A. from India in 1988, where he was a professor of Biology. He lives in Newton, Massachusetts with his wife Pratibha, a former  Montessori teacher. They have two daughters, one a Director of Rehab Center and the second a Physician. Both of whom are married, giving him the privilege of three grandchildren. When asked why he wanted to retire he said, “We have to offer our jobs to the younger generation”. He further stated, “If every senior citizens decides not to retire the job market will be really tight for incoming youngsters and said, “I have fulfilled my duty educating my children who do not want anything more from me. He said, “I want to spend time exploring the world, traveling to various countries and spending leisure time with my grand children.

Kudos for a job well done. You make your family, friends, college and Indian American community proud.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olOlDpKoPHA&feature=em-upload_owner .

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