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Saheli Holds Workshop On Nutrition


Saheli (Support and Friendship By South Asian Women), Boston, held a seminar on  June 15th, 2013 at the Burlington Council of Aging dealing with the impact of domestic violence on South Asian women on their children and their nutrition. 

Dr. Sharon Hourigan, of Children's Hospital, Boston, spoke to the audience about the many kinds of disordered eating associated with acute and chronic stress and their mental and physical health consequences. She outlined in a power point presentation the various factors of Child obesity and how environment, emotional, mental and maternal stress in a home with family violence can lead up to behavioral issues.She also touched upon how some of these same issues become potential factors for poor nutrition levels in immigrants populations.

Dr. Zarina Memon shared her research findings linking obesity, diabetes and poor nutrition to domestic violence. 

Saheli Salita Mehta shared her experiences working with a Bangladeshi family whose children had been affected by domestic violence, life in a shelter,  depression, poor nutrition and obesity. She discussed how she helped the family plan healthy meals, use discipline, and  nutritional information to get them back on track to good health.

The presentation was supported by a grant from the Lahey Clinic Community Benefits Grant.

Check out more on Saheli http://www.saheliboston.org/

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