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ISW Hasya Kavi Sammelan

Press Release

ISW presents Hasya Kavi Sammelan on Friday April 19 at the India Center

International Hindi Association is organizing a marathon Kavi‐Sammelan tour of the United States and Canada starting April 5‐ May 5th, 2013. A team of three talented and well recognized poets from India will be touring 16 metropolitan cities in North America including Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Nashville, New Jersey, Raleigh, Philadelphia, New York, Richmond, San Jose, Washington DC, and Toronto. The three famous poets are Dr. Kunwar Bechain, Dr. Suresh Awasthi and Mr. Deepak Gupta.

Dr. Bechain is a senior and recognized poet, song writer, journalist and teacher. He has published 30 books. Some of his poems are included in BA and MA Hindi Class syllabus of several universities and 22 students have received Ph.D. degree on his poems. Besides being a poet and teacher Dr. Kunwar is also an artist.  During the past 52 years, Dr. Bechain has recited his poems in more than 4500 Kavi Sammelans in India and abroad including USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Dubai, Pakistan, Surinam, and Japan. This is his 5th trip of USA.  

Dr. Suresh Awasthi, who hails from Kanpur, UP, is a conscious satirist, journalist and educationist. He has published three books on humor and satire and eight books of his works are under publication.  He has written title songs and screenplay of numerous TV serials. He has established himself as a popular humorist and satirist by reciting his compositions in innumerable Kavi Sammelans in India and Overseas. Dr. Awasthi’s recitation style is impressive and captivating: leaves the audience enchanted. This is his second visit of USA.

Mr. Deepak Gupta is a young humorist from Faridabad. He has entertained audience in more than 800 Kavi Sammelans in major cities in India and Middle East.  He has one book to his credit and has contributed his poems in 12 poetry collections published in past few years. His poems are continuously being published in popular Hindi Newspapers and Magazine. TV programs such as “Waha-waha”, “Arz Kiya Hai” and “Khabardaar KhabreN” were initially conducted by Mr. Gupta. This will be his first trip to USA.
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