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Shaam-e-Leher- Ghazal And Geet Musical Fundraiser For Sankara Eye Foundation

Press Release

Envision yourself in a closed dark room where you are unable to see anything around you. Scary and suffocating, isn’t it? You can sense and hear, but you cannot see. This is the feeling a visually impaired (blind) person has, not for a moment but, but for a lifetime. India bears the highest burden of the world’s blind about forty five million;  80% of these can be helped as they have blindness that can be cured.

Thirty dollars is all that it takes, to give the gift of vision to a person suffering from preventable blindness.Thirty dollars could change the life and its meaning for this person and make him a productive member of the society. LEHER decided to help cure blindness of 100 people and to make a change.  

LEHER is a Boston based Indian band established in 2012 that consists of talented Hindustani classically trained vocalists and musicians who got together with the goal to showcase various genres of Indian music to the local community. The musicians and vocalists of LEHER are on a journey to share their love for beautiful music and make a difference in the community by supporting noble initiatives.

The LEHER team presents SHAAM-E-LEHER: a Ghazal and Geet musical fundraiser for Sankara Eye Foundation on April 20th from 5PM at Diamond Middle School, Lexington, MA. It will be a night of timeless ghazals and geets- reliving renditions by renowned ghazal artists like Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali, Mehdi Hasan, Pankaj Udhas, Reshma, Runa Laila, and more. Guest performances by Raganjali School of Music and Musical Medley by local singing stars.

The concert will be graced by honorable guests like Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, esteemed Beth Israel  Hepatologist, author, and academician, and Mrs. Ranjani Saigal, 2012 Woman of the Year, Senior MIT educational technologist and Co-founder of Lokvani.com. We will also be joined by Mansee Sangani, Miss India New England 2012. 100% ticket sales and donations from this concert will go to Sankara Eye Foundation!

Sankara Eye Foundation is a US-based non profit organization whose mission is to eradicate curable blindness in India by the year 2020 by raising money to provide free eye surgeries/care for the poor all over India. So far, the organization has helped build over 9 eye hospitals in India and in the year 2011 alone SEF has provided over 140,000 free surgeries in India. SEF helped fund its millionth free eye surgery this month.

LEHER is proud to be a part of SEF mission of 20/20 by year 2020 and has pledged to give the gift of vision to over 100 people suffering from preventable blindness through Shaam-E-Leher. Come join us at Shaam-E-Leher and help us achieve this goal.

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Shaam-e-Leher- Ghazal and Geet Musical Fundraiser for Sankara Eye Foundation

When: 5PM, April 20th, 2013

Where: William Diamond Middle School, 99 Hancock St, Lexington, MA


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