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In Conversation With - Recap 2012 - Part II


In Conversation With State Trooper Hari Arisetty
A biology major from Rutgers, Arisetty decided to leave the world of medical research for an exciting career as a Massachusetts State Trooper. He shares his journey with Lokvani.

In Conversation With Shobha De
"Be fearless and true to yourself" is the message that the famous columnist and writer, Shobha De wants to share with young women. Shobha De shared some interesting insights about her life and work with Lokvani.

In Conversation With Craig Silverstein, Khan Academy
"Education is obviously very difficult to do well - people have been complaining "education is failing our kids" for decades now. Khan Academy can, I think, be part of a solution, in that it takes advantages of some of the real benefits of technology," says Craig Silverstein, the famous first employee at Google who recently left Google and joined Khan Academy.

In Conversation With Ajay Jain And Subrato Das
Stage Ensemble Theater Unit (SETU) will present a dramatization of the Mahabharata, the world’s longest and most complex epic in four shows scheduled at the Arsenal Center for Arts in Watertown, MA. Subrata Das, the play's director, and Ajay Jain playing Lord Krishna, one of the most important characters of Mahabharata epic, spoke to Shuchita Rao about their upcoming play.

In Conversation With Lipi Roy
Dr. Lipi Roy is an internal medicine physician at the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. She won the Primary Care Fellowship Award from Massachusetts General Hospital. "I plan to use the award to bring attention to the homeless men and women of Boston," says Roy, who is passionate about Primary Care and Preventative Health.

In Conversation With Soham Patel Of MissionRoot
Soham Patel, a young entreprenuer from Cambridge, launches Mission Root, an Ayurvedic beverage in 20 Whole Foods market in MA. Inspired by his mother, his heritage and the desire to do good, Soham hopes to bring India and America closer when it comes to Food.

In Conversation With Pratima Rao
Pratima Rao is the CEO and founder of Compellink, an on demand extranet platform that allows organizations to link to each other for collaboration and secure sharing of information. She is the President of TIE-Dallas, one of only three women Presidents of a TIE Chapter. She talked to Lokvani about her company and provides advice for women entrepreneurs.

In Conversation With Alarmel Valli
"Dance is a joyous prayer with my very being," says Padma Bhushan Alarmel Valli, a Bharatanatyam dance exponent whose dance has received critical acclaim all over the world. She will be performing at the Kresge Auditorium, MIT on Sunday, Oct. 28th. Buy Tickets.

In Conversation With Kavita Mehra, GlamourGals Foundation
GlamourGals, also known as GG, is a not-for-profit organization that exists to inspire and organize teens to provide ongoing complimentary beauty makeovers to elderly women living in senior homes. Kavita Mehra serves as its Vice President.

In Conversation With Roksana Badruddoja
Dr. Roksana Badruddoja, a second-generation Bangladeshi-American, received her terminal degree in sociology from Rutgers University. She is currently working in The Partnership for the Homeless as Vice President of Research. She is the author of Eyes of a Storm: Voices of South Asian-American Women (2010) and is now working on an anthology about the South Asian Diaspora in North America, entitled We Are The Peppermint Generation…Not!

In Conversation With Kavyashree Mallanna - In Pusuit Of Passion
It is always an inspiring experience to hear great achievers, to understand their motivations and emulate their life as possible. These people have made toughest choices and lived them to great fruition at every turn of their lives. Lokvani spoke to one such trailblazer in our community who is all set to take her passion to new vistas.

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