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Music Review: Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal

Ranjani Saigal

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 KAMAAL DHAMAAL MALAMAAL (KMD) a comedy featuring some major names including Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal has music by Sajid-Wajid.

The opening number "Dariya Ho" sets the expectation high from the get go.  Shadaab Faridi's immensely earthen voice blends in beautifully with Monali Thakur's voice is  to bring about a lovely duet. Jalees Sherwani's poetic verses are well done and very romantic.  The use of drums and flute is also done well to pave the way for a catchy signature tuneful impact  "Dariya Ho (remix)" is wonderful and I suspect will make the rounds at parties.

The item-song" titled "Desi Mem" by Mamta Sharma tries to rejuvenate the raunchy touch of  "Munni Badnam" (DABANGG) but does not quite hit it.  The lyrics are also not tremendous but this Sajid-Wajid composition still carries potential  . "Desi Mem (remix)" raises the tempo and "oomph" factor sufficiently and sounds a better option. It adds racy disco beat fillers and fires up with Mamta's grueling vocal strokes with some peppy DJ antics.

"Zor Naache", a quintessentially Bollywood rustic-feel celebratory track, brings vivid shades of joyous moods and adds energy to the "feel-good" factor ambience.  Keerti Sagathia along with Sugandha Mishra's is lovely. Perhaps more of a situational track. It's a decent effort by Sajid-Wajid in creating a multicolored cultured feast but lacks the innovative punch; overall a reasonable audible situational track.

 "Ishq Ki Dafli Baaje" is a fun  number that has shades of Bollywood's 90s musical feel. Sajid-Wajid pep up the mood with worderful arrangements that works well with Jalees Sherwani's   lyrics. Babul Supriyo vocals are nice. Sugandha Mishra's shimmering vocals are the big surprise elements and so are Bela Shende's supporting rendition that adds to the carnival feel.  This may be yet another entertaining number.

 "Ringa Ringa", the last original soundtrack of the album, comes with a typical Goan-cum-Bollywood carnival dancing zing  . Ujjaini's extremely strident and screechy vocals tries to create Goan carnival festive feel with Sarosh Sami's back-up vocals. "Ringa Ringa (remix)" comes in Abhilasha Chellam's   captivating voice and aggravates the festive mood.  

 Finally there is "Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal (theme)", a primarily theme-based instrumental number that has strong shades of "Ringa Ringa" with added enthused chorals by Uvie and Wajid, epitomizing out hilarious cum thrilling feel of the flick.


While the track may not be a super hit, it still has some wonderful numbers in it. Worth checking them out.

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