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Lokvani Talks To Dr. Seema Arora

Ranjani Saigal

Dr. Seema Arora is a physician practicing Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at the ‘Elder Service Plan of the North Shore’. This organization provides medical care to the elderly through seven clinics located on the North Shore. It is affiliated with Harvard partner hospitals and trains Harvard medical residents and Geriatric fellows. 

She has served as treasurer for the Indian Medical Association of New England (IMANE). She was the recipient of the IMANE's President's award in 2012. She has served on health committees of 'American Association of Physicians of India' and volunteered at health fairs conducted by the India Association of Greater Boston.  

What is the greatest joy of being a doctor? “Caring for patients and making a difference in their lives is what I love the most about being a doctor. The love, trust and respect that you get from patients is extremely rewarding. Working at clinics at the 'Elder Service Plan of North Shore', I lead a team of clinicians that take care of the overall health needs of the growing elderly population of our community. We help them spend a longer, healthy productive life at home with less hospitalizations. We also train Harvard medical residents and fellows in Geriatric care. It is very fulfilling to see the joy and thankfulness on those old faces by providing them the option of staying home with that kind of care rather than moving to a nursing home”, says Arora.

Dr. Arora is also trained in cosmetic medical procedures including skin care, anti-aging and weight reduction procedures like Botox, Fillers, Laser skin treatments, Liposuction, etc.  Dr. Arora says these procedures are effective and very safe. “Non surgical and minor surgical cosmetic procedures like Botox, Fillers, Laser skin treatments and Liposuction are pretty safe and effective procedures when performed by skilled clinicians, after selecting right candidates based on their medical history, allergies, medications, etc” 

She was recently elected to be President of the United India Association (UIA) for which she has served as Vice President for the past two years.  How did she get associated with organization? “My journey with United India Association began about three years ago when I joined its board as a director and thereafter served as vice president for two years.  UIA’s goal of cultural promotion, heritage preservation and nurturing our Indian values was very interesting to me. UIA is one of the oldest organizations in the Indian community that has been working towards bringing families and generations together by celebrating festivals like Diwali, Holi, Baisakhi and have other events like New Year's eve party, family picnics and Jagratas. It also has a community service arm. We have held health fairs, cancer walks and bone marrow drives. I take pride in saying that UIA has stepped up to an entire new level in the past two years and now is one of the most popular and well-recognized sociocultural organizations in the Indian community “

The cultural aspects of the organization matches well with her own artistic interests. She loves dancing, choreographing acting and modeling. She has performed at various social & charitable dance events. She has been part of several fashion shows She has anchored health shows on TV and acted in documentary movies. She won a special award at the 'Ms. India America' pageant in 2008.She was a finalist in India New England's 'Woman of the Year' awards in 2011 and was awarded 'Cultural Promotion & Heritage Preservation' award.

What are her plans for UIA? “ One of the areas of great interest to me where I would like to work more is to involve our kids, teens and youth in community and cultural work by forming a UIA 'youth committee'. I believe that if we want to preserve and pass our Indian culture onto our children who are born and raised in America, we have to pave a path for them.  We must give them a platform to exhibit their talents while inculcating positive habits of community work. I believe that this is the best investment we can make towards our future”  

 Any special message for our readers?  'Dream high,Have a vision and Work hard towards your goals- There is nothing that you can't achieve!'
We wish Dr. Arora the best as she takes on the leadership of UIA.

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