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How To Make Gun Control More Efficient Through Better Technology

Vedant Chaudhari

In light of the recent shootings at the Sikh Temple in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the Aurora Shooting, gun control has become a big problem in the United States of America. Though, Congress cannot simply abolish gun ownership. That would result in violating one of the fundamental rights of any American, which is the right to bear arms. Although with the right technology enforcing gun control and safety would be an easier task for Law enforcement.                            

Currently All guns manufactured have a serial number on them, this process takes much longer when trying to identify who owned the gun, who sold the gun, etc. This is where an app for a smartphone could truly make a difference. Of course this app would be available to law enforcement only and not the general public. With this mobile app, Law enforcement would have the ability to tag guns in real time. Such as when a gun is purchased the name of the owner, and the store from where it is sold is put in to the system, as well as the date and time.                                

With this information, a recognition system could be used for guns. Maybe along with the serial number etched on the gun, NFC (Near Field Communication) chips could be embedded in the metal. Thus Law enforcement could simply wave their device (smartphone) over the gun and would immediately receive data to aid in the case.                                 

Also with a system like this data could be pulled from many different places as well. Such as Hospital visits that could give a clue about suspect’s physical and mental health, or bank info such as mortgages, etc. which could help recognize what might have been a suspect’s motive to commit a crime.     

This system could also pull in data such as prior crimes that have been committed, whether the suspect has affiliations with known criminal groups, or whether the suspect bought a plane ticket to flee the country. With such tagging and data mining on-site investigations could be expedited and suspects would be brought to justice quicker and better.

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