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Music Review - Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Ranjani Saigal

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The music director who gave us the great hits like Race and Dhoom has wonderful collection to offer in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s new film Ferrari Ki Sawaari.  The film is billed as a comedy

The track opens with ''Life Yeh Mausambi Si'' rendered by K Mohan, the lead vocalist of the famous Indian rock band, Agnee. A semi philosophical number about how life is it is in the sixties style of rock and roll and predominantly jazz music that may reminds one of the black and white movies of the past. It is a fun and frolic number. The whistles, trumpets, chorals and bead sounds   with K Mohan's full throated sonorous vocals is a delight to listen to.

The start of ''Maara Re'' may sound somewhat similar to ''Jumma Chumma'' (HUM) but it ends right there as the song unfolds into a totally bombastic, 'masti'-cum-inspirational number that has it's root in Marathi music with lots of usage of Hindustani musical instruments. A whole lot of singers like the highly talented Rana Majumdar, Sonu Nigam (who comes in briefly), Aishwarya Nigam and Ashish lend their vocals to this 'dhamaal' number. The entirely situational number is quite fast paced   this all out sports song is centered on cricket.   Swanand Kirkere’s lyrics,    using lots of cricket terminology like hook, bouncer, sixer, fielders, umpires etc is bound to hold the attention of cricket lovers.

''Rusy's Theme''  a lovely Jazz instrumental with superb soft musical arrangements, that has lots of serenely smooth violin, bead sounds, bandoneon, piano and it's lovely melody  that can enhance candlelight dinners.

Vidya Balan is certainly the most happening thing in Bollywood right now! An item number featuring Vidya Balan can only be a run away hit.  ''Maala Jau De'' is the superhot 'lavani' dance number with Vidya Balan.  The item number is sure to set Mumbai and rest of Marathi belt screens on fire as it has all the right ingredients for that special spicy 'masaledaar' number. It has the superfast rhythm that never lets go, very much in the same league as ''Chikni Chameli''. Urmila Dhangar, a famous and popular 'lavani' singer who specializes in such numbers has done a phenomenal job.    Lyrics by Guru Thakur  are cute, decent, humorous, never lewd or cheap or vulgar. Vidya Balan who never ceases to amaze is wonderful  is this number as well.

Little singing genius Shyamantan Das, renders, ''Ae Mere Mann''. Lovely soothing piano notes and church like chorals welcomes one to the 'sach ki dagar' which is a superb situational, philosophical number. With great lyrics, good musical arrangements, it may be a prayer song much listened to.

Soothing 'jaltarang' sounds herald ''Goodnight'', and as is evident from the title itself this is a lullaby (a 'lori') sung by Priyani Vani Pandit. Once again a situational number that is highlighted by some lovely apt lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya, soft -whispering singing by Priyani and light musical arrangements that end on a high note in a wonderful crescendo.  
The album ends with a nice feel good effect with the title song, ''Ferrari Ki Sawaari'' . The song itself is retro in its mood and it is definitely a throwback to the good old Kishore Kumar times. Shaan is wonderful  in the  song.Giving him able support is Boman Irani (who makes a brief appearance) and Aayush Phukan. Amitabh Bhattacharya once again uses his imaginative creative writing skills and puts it to good use.

Overall a great track. Given VVC track record one is not surprised.

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