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In Conversation With Mona Bhoyar, Artist

Nirmala Garimella

Mona Bhoyar and Elisa Sweig present their artwork on the 'Language of Flowers' at the Mad Hatter Gallery in Marlborough from June 8th, 9th and 10th when the artist will be present at the opening. The show end early July.

We spoke to Mona Bhoyar and her collaboration with Elisa on the concept behind the show.

Tell us something about the present show at the Mad Hatter Gallery this month ?

"The Language of Flowers" is the new show at the Mad Hatter Gallery. Everything speaks to you, it is just the question of listening and understanding the language. Elisa and me have been trying to decipher what the flowers mean to us. This show is about what we see in them. Both of us have a very different vision of flowers.

How would you define your work in this show  in terms of its style and content?

My work in this show started with the first painting in this series. As I lay down the brush on the first one, I felt there was still more to express, and the next happened and then some more. Each painting in this series is independent in style as it was created with a different vision each time. But at the same time each is deeply connected to the next. Every painting is a whole in itself but leads the way to the next. Each is complete in it's journey but in some way dependent on the next. Some have been treated with micro vision and some with macro but each trying to create drama of being surrounded by the magic of nature. With every canvas, I invite the audience to hop from one flower to the next and get a different sense of stimulation each time.....I welcome them to drown in some, while fly onto the others, and then dive deep into yet some more, each experience a whole in itself, but yet leading to another. To me this whole series is a perfect 'Symbiosis'.

Your paintings are so full of vivid colors? What does color mean to you?

I love color. An artist’s canvas is filled with rich and vibrant colors. I think coming from India you are surrounded by the big, bold colors. You cannot but help, letting them overwhelm your senses. I think it shows in my work. Color to me is a way of expressing your emotions, your joys, your happiness and also your sadness. If you follow my work from beginning you can see the happiness and sadness breaking through.

Where do you derive your inspiration?

 I derive my inspiration through a thought process or something visually appealing. When painting, I take the subject apart and analyze and process it. I pick parts that fascinate me and place them to make the composition work. At the same time I am not really thinking my moves ahead of time. I just let the energy flow in my work and let it take a path that is unknown and uncharted. I like to see what adventure the painting I am working on is going to take me to.

Do you believe that art has enough patronage in India versus the West?

 I think art has more patronage in India rather than the west. India has long history with art starting from 3000 years BC to the modern era. We have an appreciation of sensual, ornate, modern to traditional design. I think we are waking up to the richness of culture that we are surrounded by and realizing the potential of India and learning the value in preserving it. 

What do you try to convey through your work ?

From my work I want the audience to think, to ponder, upon what the painting may be. I want them to be curious and talk to me or someone else wondering about what it is that I am trying to convey. I want some reaction from them, not just " I like that painting" or "I dont like that". If I can have the audience look at my work instead of just giving it a passing glance I will feel I have accomplished something.


Elisa Sweig in her artist statement comments; Florigraphy is a beautiful term meaning the language of flowers. In Victorian times secret messages could be sent when words became too difficult to find. This collection of my work represents my exploration of flowers, emotion and message. My paintings speak to the viewer on an intimate level.  I use exploration of color, materials and design to give each viewer the opportunity to look at each flower as if they are seeing it for the very first time.  Viewers are invited to develop a visual vocabulary of flowers which is all their own.

To view these show and meet the artists, please visit The Mad Hatter Gallery,406, Lincoln Street,Marlborough,MA.Phone 508-251-1431.

June 8th -6-9pm,June 9th - 12-9pm, June 10th - 12-5pm







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Symbiosis,Glimpse 1: Mona Bhoyar

Symbiosis,Glimpse 5: Mona Bhoyar

Symbiosis, Glimpse 4: Mona Bhoyar

Happy: Elisa Sweig

In the Field: Elisa Sweig

Symbiosis,Glimpse 4: Mona Bhoyar

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