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Sree Vijaya Durga Temple Celebrates First Anniversary

Ranjani Saigal

Om Shakthi Om
Sree Vijaya Durga Temple celebrates first anniversary
“Sree Vijaya Kali Devi was invoked in the divine blessings of Sri courtallam Peethadipathi paramahamsa parivrajakacharya jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Siddheswaraananda Bharathi Swamiji, who is a great Kali Bhaktha, Upasaka and Maha Mantra Siddha of Kali mata” says the main priest of the temple Sri.Tejasvi Sastry
Sri Siddha Lalitha Peetham started Sree Vijaya Durga Temple one year ago on April 8th 2011 under the divine blessings of HH Sri Siddheswaraananda Bharathi Swamiji of Coutrallam, TN, India. Sree Vijaya Durga Temple celebrated its first annual celebrations from 30th March to 1st April 2012 at its temple premises at 85, Wilmington Road, Burlington-01803, MA.
The celebrations started with Ganesh and Subrahmanya abhishekams on 30th morning. 30th evening marked a special invocation of Sree Vijaya Kali Devi. The new Kali deity was invoked and the Kali sthapan was at the sumuhurat of 8:19 pm on Astami, the 30th Mar 2012 by priest Tejasvi Sastry, who started the temple in 2011 at Burlington. The event was attended in large numbers by many devotees.
 Priest Tejasvi Sastry says “Kali is the first amongst the Dasa Mahavidyas, the goddesses who represent great knowledge, wisdom of shakthi. She is also known as aadyashakthi who has killed the two great asuras madhu and kaitab. She has also destroyed the other demons such as raktabija (who’s head you see in MAA’S hand), Shumbha and Nishumbha. She protects her devotees with good fortune, health and wealth and bestows them the path to realize her spiritual natural tatwa. Her wrathful form will ward away any evil energy.

Kali is none other than Brahman. That which is called Brahman is really called kali.  She is Maha Maya and Primal energy of the universe. When that energy remains inactive and potential it is called Brahman and when it creates, preserves and destroys, it is called Kali or shakthi Devi. Brahman and Kali are not different. They are like Vak (speech) and artha (its meaning). If someone utters a word we automatically think of its meaning even before the word is completed. They are also like fire and its power to burn. If one thinks of fire one must think of its power to burn. They are alike and identical. If any Sadhak (spiritual aspirant) realizes Kali, they will automatically realize Brahman. If the Sadhak realizes Brahman, they will also realize Kali. It is Brahman who we worship as Kali.”

Sri Rama Navami on 31st was celebrated with Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam followed by Bharata Natyam and Odissi dances by students of Smt.Ranjani Saigal and Smt.Jayashree Mohapatra and Dasaavatar dance in Odissi style by Smt.Srabonthi which was followed by Carnatic music concert by Smt.Prashanti Punnamarajaju who teaches in Shrewbery, MA. The evening of 31st was a special Nava Avarana Sri Chakra Puja by priest Tejasvi.

The concluding day of celebrations were marked with Rudrabhishekam to lord Shiva. The evening was full of sevas to Devi filled with Bharata Natyam dance by Smt.Jeyenthi Ghatraju of Nrityanjali School of Dance and her students. This was followed with Bhajan Sandhya with the melodious voice of Smt.Sangeeta Saxena and others of Gayatri Parivar of MA. Garba organized by Smt.Heena Nagda marked the conclusion of the festival.

Many devotees remarked that they could feel the presence of the Goddess in the temple. "The temple is so special since it is built around the Sadhana of Priest Tejasvi"  says a devotee.  It was a truly remarkable three days.     

Here are the comments from the devotees:

      Krishnajee Putcha, a well wisher of the temple says” This temple provides the intimacy that is absent from the bigger, more established temples”
      Sri.Kumar Katta, a volunteer at the temple says “People should not treat this as conventional temple, rather they should it look at as Sadhana Kendra”
      Sri.Ramakrishna Rao, a regular volunteer says “Sree Vijaya Durga Temple is a spiritual place where I get peace of mind and well get connected to God. I believe that there is lot energy filled in the temple and that makes me engaged in spiritual aspects of my life. I also get admired by the amount of dedication and passion towards goddess that Tejasvi Sastry (priest) shows in his pujas. I saw him involved completely in every aspect of puja that he does. I like the way the Alankarams done in the temple.  I also see the commitment from temple administration in terms of maintaining temple sanctity, in terms of communicating the events, conducting religious activities and so on…”
      Sri.Manish Patwari, a devotee says “I call it divine’s blessings that the temple has opened and I feel the power of spirituality and a center to celebrate our religion and culture. May Maa Durga keep on bestowing her blessings on her devotees”
      Smt Lalitha Rao, a devotee and a well wisher says “We always have the feeling of going to our temple and are filled with peace and joy. Very amicable to do Japa and feel the positive vibrations.”

Other comments:
      “It has always been my pleasure to attend all spiritual events at Shree Vijay Durga Temple even though it is a long 1 hour 15 minutes ride one way!. Pujari Tejasvi really connects very well with Bhaktas and that is very important. His sincere dedication to Devi at such a young age is really admirable. I wish him and the temple all the success!”
      “An excellent devotional place with perfect ambience and atmosphere. Priest Tejasvi’s knowledge, dedication and devotional puja’s bring liveliness to all the moorthi’s in the temple. A great example is Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam on Sri Rama Navami was mesmerizing and eye catching”
      “The temple serves the community in providing a place of worship and a center for spiritual growth that the devotees can take advantage of and be bestowed by grace of Devi”

      Details about the temple can be obtained at www.siddhalalitha.org or 1-781-369-KALI or 1-781-369-5254. 
      Om Shakthi.

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