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Social Entrepreneurship - Small Effort Bring Big Joy

Vedant Chaudhari

Imagine a classroom in which there are no desks, there are no chairs. There is only one blackboard with a very thin piece of chalk. This is a description of most schools in rural areas of India, but which is about to change. The SSIA, Setubandhan Service in Action Project, is delivering to the less fortunate.

This year the SSIA was taken to the children in Buggapadu, Andra Pradesh. The school in the village was in dire conditions. They had no benches, but even worse they did not have any plates or cups on which to serve lunch to the students.

The SSIA aim is to work with school teachers and students to identify what they need to improve the quality of education at their school. This can vary from benches for classrooms, textbooks for math class, or computers. Thus this year the SSIA donated benches and meal serving sets to the students.

This year the funds for the SSIA were raised in a variety of ways. Jagoworld holds a Diwali lunch at the Punjab Cafe every year. It is a buffet, where all of the proceeds made are donated to the Service in Action Project. Also, the SSIA is now partnered with the 388 Learning Center in Sharon, MA. Part of the profits made at the Learning Center are donated to the SSIA.

The SSIA was started in 2008 and has a host of key objectives that are accomplished with every project. One of the SSIA’s objectives is to provide health care to the less fortunate. Thus Setubandhan hosts a medical camp in India. The medical camp will conduct a general check up but if requested can also do an ailment diagnosis. A community lunch is also held where sweets and a healthy lunch are served. Towards the end of the event a spiritual discourse is held where esteemed Pandits are requested to speak and spread their knowledge.

The SSIA has made a change in the lives of many people. The SSIA has helped students achieve their goals and encompass more knowledge. By donating textbooks students now have an even bigger opportunity to learn. By the SSIA’s efforts we are contributing in smallest way to improve educational experience of children. By helping and educating the future of India, the SSIA is making a change in tomorrows India today.

Thank you to all supporters, donors,  volunteers, and especially to Vijay Ji Bezawada for executing Setubandhan Service in Action Project

If you would like to know more or get involved with the SSIA please contact Arun Chaudhari at arun@jagoworld.org or visit us on facebook at Serubandhan - The Service in Action Project

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