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Here Comes Holi - The Festival Of Colors
Author - Meenal Pandya

Nirmala Garimella

Meenal Pandya, author of ‘Here comes Diwali: Festival of Lights’ will have a new book hit the bookstands this spring. Geared for children ages 6 to 11, her book ‘Here Comes Holi: The Festival Of Colors’ is told from the perspective of a little boy, who asks his mother about the significance of Holi. Meena Pandya retells the myths surrounding the festival and then accompanies the text with the children actually celebrating in its festivities.

Children in the primary grades should enjoy learning about a holiday that has a powerful message with a fun angle to it. Here a young boy gathers with his friends Raju, Govind and Abha to listen to a story told by his mother. We follow him from the story’s narration to the playful act of playing holi with his friends and enjoying the evening’s festivities. Step by step the young narrator listens to the story of Prahlad and Hirnakasyapu and Holika. Through the use of attractive illustrations and descriptions to illustrate each point, the book tries to confront difficult problems, of good and evil, without reducing the complexities.

Meenal Pandya, sends her comments to Lokvani thus, “I wanted to write about Holi because first of all it is a very colorful and enjoyable holiday for children and the story itself is about a young boy. It is also a beautiful way to welcome spring so children growing up in this country may realize that we have something comparable to Easter eggs to welcome spring. Interestingly, we have mythological stories to back up why we celebrate any holiday so I think when we make children "see" the link, they feel more solidly "rooted" in the tradition.

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