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Secret Chocolate!

Anushka Chadha

Plit pat, plit pat! The rain was splattering on my clear bedroom window. Suddenly, I heard the strangest noise. It sounded like a UFO! I peeped out of my window, but saw nothing. Just that the rain looked a lot different than usual. Curiously, I tiptoed down the wooden steps. As I cautiously opened the door, I heard laughing. Who would laugh in the middle of the night? I thought. On the middle area of land in our neighborhood, I saw children running around in this mysterious rain! As I stuck out my hand, I felt chocolate! But I saw an eerie green-yellow light so I swung my hand in, locked the door and went back to bed.

Once it was morning, and the sun was peachy, I was ready to go to school. I was getting on the school bus when I could smell the most creamiest smell of chocolate! “Mmmm…” All the kids were white chocolate!!! Why, I could eat them all! But no, they’re my friends. Maybe it was the strange light that converted the kids into chocolate, I thought. Even a pot on the bus was chocolate! Something just deep down told me that I needed to save those kids.

As I darted into the school, I noticed a strange girl, hidden behind all the kids that were dripping with white chocolate in the heat. She was not chocolatized! Suddenly, I felt a strange feeling in my legs. They started automatically skipping towards her. Just like that, she took out her finger, and pointed it at herself. I kept pacing in the hot midday weather. As I approached her, she said “I know how to break the spell.” And as she continued, she told me the secret of Anokhi…… Suddenly, I was going back in time.

“Magic is now within me, magic is now within me,” I perpetually muttered. I was going back in time at warp speed and arrived in Forbidden City. I saw people scuttling around and kings shouting out orders. Going back in time was an adventure.  I was a stranger in Forbidden City. “Who is this strange girl?” whispered a man in Chinese accent. He gave me a disgusted look.  “I- I am looking for Anokhi,” I stammered. “ I am right here!” exclaimed the man next to him.  “I-I need the Blue Cocoa please,” I mumbled. “Well here it is!” he said shooting out his hand. It was a small ball, blue in color and practically glowing! Soon I was going to my time again!

Zoom, Zoom! I was now riding back on my motor scooter. The ball clutched in my hand, I was roaming around at my school. I started to look for the perfect spot, under the sun. As soon as I found it, I placed the Blue Cocoa in the middle of a green spot on the tennis court. Out of the blue, everything turned back to its original look! My smile beamed like the moon! I checked out back, and sure enough, everything was back to how it was!!

I was sooo  happy that my friends were back!!!

(Anushka is fourth grade student in Westford, MA. She explores her creativity by writing and making doodles. She likes to read and never misses an opportunity to watch TV. )

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