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I AM WOMAN - A Short Film By Bansari Kamdar

Press Release

A short film raising awareness about Domestic Violence. Directed and Produced by Bansari Kamdar.

They ask me what problem the world today faces and no for us women it is not cancer, war or malaria, Women aged 15-44 are more at risk from rape and domestic violence than from cancer, car accidents, war and malaria says the UN.

I am woman and it is about time I be treated so.

I am tired of being a victim of your power-play, I cannot stand any more of it now. I am not asking for the world that you promised me, all I want is for you to just let me live. The scars on my body are a proof enough that I have been hurt enough. But enough is enough. I am not a chattel or anybody's territory and this is my awakening. I am not going to stand you try and bring me down cause I have been there and I know too much to go there down again.

I am woman and I say enough is enough.


Please send your feedback to BansariKamdar@hotmail.com

(Bansari Kamdar is an undergraduate student at WPI majoring in Engineering Management. )

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