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Lokvani Talks To Dr. Apurv Gupta

Diana Rohini LaVigne

Q & A with Award Winning Champion for Healthcare Improvement: Dr. Apurv Gupta

With an education from Brown University and Harvard University School of Public Health and training at Beth Israel Deaconess and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Apurv Gupta has long been on track to make a difference in the community.  Now as Founder and Managing Partner of Physician Performance Improvement Institute (PPII), a provider of innovative solutions to improve healthcare outcomes in the United States, he is being recognized internationally for his work and just received the NRI Institute’s 2011 Parvasi Award, this January in New Delhi, India. Dr. Gupta has also received the Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award in 2009 and the 2009 Leadership Award from the American Medical Association Foundation. His initiatives are straightforward but large-scale and he is hoping to make a major impact in how the medical industry operates. This is an excerpt from an interview from this award winning doctor and medical improvement expert.

What did you do after you finished your schooling and prior to launching PPII?

Since my early days, I've pursued my passion for healthcare improvement through various administrative, entrepreneurial, and consultative capacities. Most recently I was the Chief Medical Officer at Quincy Medical Center. Prior I was at Norwood Hospital as their Interim VP of Medical Affairs; as well the Medical Director of the Hospitalist Program. I’ve also founded several healthcare companies, including MDplanet and Radius Health Services which aim to improve some aspect of the healthcare system. I started PPII in 2009 along with two partners who are based in Arizona.

What made you want to tackle this massive problem of inefficiencies within the medical industry?

Improvement is in my blood. I’ve always enjoyed solving problems, helping to develop ideas about how to make things better. It’s a personal quest for me. It was easy to direct the same passion and energy into improving healthcare as ever since I’ve been involved in the field, I’ve consistently heard from physicians how frustrated they are with the healthcare environment, and seen for myself how dysfunctional our systems can be. You can call it a daunting task, but over the last decade or so, there has been considerable attention placed on this from the government, insurers, consumers, patient safety advocates, and private organizations. All of this attention is starting to create the burning platform that can lead to significant change.

What has PPII accomplished since its inception?

We've completed some major projects, including highly successful diabetes initiative at three hospitals funded by Eli Lilly. We are in the process of contracting for several more. We're also deep in the process of developing additional service lines, including grant supported projects, performance improvement certification, handbooks for performance improvement, and online training modules. We have established partnerships with industry leading companies including Voluntary Hospitals of America (VHA), Eli Lilly, Sanofi Aventis, Asante Communications, and North American Center for Continuing Medical Education (NACCME).

Are you looking to make policy changes?  What exactly is the end product or result?

Our goal is to help hospitals, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare personnel to achieve performance standards. The standards are generally endorsed by national societies or mandated by the federal government. PPII helps hospitals and physicians improve patient care by meeting performance standards. As we guide physicians, nurses, and other staff through an improvement project, we mentor them in our proven performance improvement methodology. At the project's conclusion, we have demonstrably improved patient care outcomes, as well as trained staff to undertake further performance improvement activities.

Where is your business based?

The company is based in Arizona, but we have offices in Rhode Island and New Jersey. Our activities are nationwide.

Are you an NPO?

We are a for profit entity, with a public health mission of improving healthcare.

And who are you interested in networking with?

I’m a perennial networker - deriving energy, ideas, and inspiration from others. I really enjoy social media networking through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. For PPII, we’re interested in establishing greater connections with pharmaceuticals, hospitals, continuing medical education (CME) companies, and physicians. The future we spread the word; the bigger the impact will be. I see it as a win-win situation.  

Where can someone find out more about your institute?

Our website is www.ppiinst.org and new content is being added frequently. Also, I blog regularly about performance improvement at healthcareperformance.blogspot.com or anyone can follow me on Twitter @DrApurvGupta.

Tell us briefly about your personal life? Family? What is Dr. Gupta like when not attending awards ceremonies, serving on the board of a non profit organization or trying to change healthcare?

Pretty sedate I’m afraid. I have a wonderful family, wife of 10 years, two young children –  9-year old boy, Ayush and 5 year old girl Sanaa. We have a joint-family arrangement at our Rhode Island home, living with my parents. My family loves to travel, attend movies, watch and play sports, listen to music, go fine dining, but mostly spending time with each other and our friends is our best activity. We travel often to India to ensure that all of us continue to maintain an active connection with our motherland where many of our relatives still live. My sister, Sukirti, recently moved back to India and is flourishing there; and I have a younger sister, Sudipti, close by having recently moved to Boston after her marriage. I care about my family and I care about my community so this is why PPII’s initiatives are my priority. I want those using the healthcare system in the United States to have a safe environment. I’m on a mission; but it will take a village to make the changes it will take to make a difference. I’m interested joining with like-minded professionals to take this head on.

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