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Art Of Living

Chitra Parayath

Infuse your life with renewed energy, greater clarity and peace of mind by attending the Art Of Living workshop. April 1-6 in Winchester, MA. It could be the one great thing that you do just for yourself.

Art of Living courses adapt ancient knowledge about the art of living to the needs of modern life. These courses enhance health on every level: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and provide practical tools to reduce the effects of stress. Courses are offered to the general public, as well as in cooperation with schools, governmental organizations and private entities.

The Art of Living Course is the heart of the educational offerings and many of the other courses build upon or incorporate information from this course. This course teaches the Sudarshan Kriya technique, along with a wealth of other information. Experience it for yourself!

The Sudarshan Kriya and related practices, as taught in Art of Living courses, has been the subject of medical research and scientific study since 1995. These techniques have been shown by independent, clinical trials to be effective in increasing lung capacity, reducing the blood plasma levels of cortisol, (the "stress hormone") and alleviating depression, to name a few of the tremendous benefits demonstrated by these studies.

Art of Living offers a wide variety of specialized courses that address the needs of cancer patients, people living with HIV+ infection, and depression. There is also a specialized course in stress-management for executives and business professionals offered through the Self Management Seminar (US) and APEX -The Art of Living Corporate Workshop (India). For college students, Art of Living college courses are often taught on campus.

Advanced courses offer a chance to dive deep into rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. They are often in-residence courses which build upon the knowledge learned in the Art of Living Course, with additional advanced techniques and processes.

The workshop will be taught by two senior teachers who have traveled around the world instructing this course, which integrates modern methods with ancient spiritual healing techniques to bring one in contact with the silent core of one’s being.

The benefits of the workshop include stress reduction, a resurgence of vitality, mental clarity and joy of living. Those who attend the course routinely report relief in respiratory and spinal disorders, diabetes and heart problems. The program has been highly acclaimed by the World Health Organization.

More information can be found at www.artofliving.org. Email- artofliving_ma@hotmail.com or call (617) 504 4077

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