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Bollywood TV Brings To Town, A Musical Extravaganza

Chitra Parayath

On May 4, be prepared to be dazzled! Bollywood TV brings to Boston an evening of fun filled entertainment replete with music, dance and comedy.

The concert will feature popular singers Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan who will be accompanied by dancers from Bombay. Parody King, pop singer and actor Devang Patel, and Kkusum, the TV sensation from Bombay will also perform.

Bollywood TV’s Pretty Verma is excited about the prospect of bringing this show to Boston. “These young artists are the voices of the new generation and their songs reflect a youthfulness and energy that is wildly popular. One thing is for certain…this show will be a lot of fun! We can’t wait to introduce Sunidhi, Shaan, Devang and Kkusum to the Boston area fans.”

Sunidhi Chauhan started singing and performing early on in life and was a part of renowned composer Kalyanji's Little Wonders troupe for child prodigies in music and regularly performed at shows.

A successful career in playback singing followed and today, the twenty year old singer is a sought after play back artist for Bollywood films. Sunidhi has sung for Bollywoods best Music directors and has won critical acclaim for her songs in Sur, Jungle and many other popular films.

Shaan has a fairly illustrious musical background, his father, composer Manas Mukherjee has scored music for films such as Shaayad and Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai. Shaan started his career as a Pop singer, his hits include Q-Funk, Roop Inka Mastana Naujawan and Tanha Dil. Shaan and his sister Saagarika wowed listeners with their upbeat and lilting tunes.

Shaan is also a popular choice for Bollywood music directors who find his fresh voice and style appealing. Among the hit films Shaan has sung for are Ashoka, Lagaan, Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi, Dil Chaahta hai and the recent hits include songs from Andaaz, Kya Dil Ne Kaha and Humraaz.

Devang Patel is India’s own answer to Mr. Bean is Devang Patel. The high energy pop singer and master spoof artist first tasted success with his album Patel Scope which featured take-offs on popular international hits such as WES's Alane Ae Raju, Aqua's Barbie Chalu girl and the Mumbo Bamboo No.5. The Patelscope-2 hit collection included Taal pe baal khila and Hrithik Roshan's Ae mere dil do.

Nausheen Sardar Ali aka Kkusum is a household name in India. Star of the wildly popular Hindi soap opera, Ekta Kapoor’s Kkusum on Sony, she portrays the title role of Kkusum.

The show will also feature talented dancers from Mumbai. Arun and Preity Verma admit to being fans of these talented artists.

“It is an honor and a pleasure to support such great talent, we believe in presenting only the best and hope that this program will attract all the music fans in the area. It is not every day that you have such a complete entertainment package…music, dances, comedy and drama!” Remarks Arun Kool.

Pretty and Arun host the popular TV Show ‘Bollywood TV’ which airs on Sundays from 10AM –11AM on WTMU 32. Those interested in sponsoring the event or purchasing tickets can call Bollywood TV’s toll free number 888.777.9070. Additional information can be found at www.bollywoodtvshow.com.

Win tickets to the entertainment event by watching Bollywood TV show every Sunday on Channel WTMU 32 from 10AM-11AM. Two $55 tickets are out there for the 21'st caller with answers to the two easy questions which will be asked on air. Tune in and win! Good luck!

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Sunidhi Chauhaan


Nausheen aka Kkusum

Parody King Devang Patel


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