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Essays From Suma Anand

Ranjani Saigal

Sanskrit Guinea Pigs
It was a two-week immersion program organized by Samskrita Bharati, a nonprofit that propagates the ancient Indian language Samskritam (Sanskrit). And what better place to hold a Sanksrit immersion program than in its birthplace, India?

Being Hindu isn’t something that you can wash off. It’s embedded deep in my skin; it lies dormant under the surface and colors my thoughts and actions with a light brush. I don’t make too much of a concession to my Hindu culture; underneath I still have on my trusty jeans. And if you look much, much deeper there you will see that inner peace, that resonant “Om” deep at my core. It’s always there, a gentle reminder of who I am and where I belong in this world.

Oh, College!
If I hear the word “Harvard” one more time, or when I’m an inch away from screaming my guts out upon reading another email about college, I guess I’ll just have to remind myself that my parents want the best for me.I have recognized that the "Desi Smothering Syndrome" is really just another form of love.

My grandmother may not be part of American culture, and I may not be fully part of hers. But my grandmother is part of my family, and that’s what counts.

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