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Music Review - Desi Boyz

Ranjani Saigal

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After delivering a brilliant album with Mausam   Pritam is back with the soundtrack to Desi Boyz,    The music for the film immediately hooks the listener   and is quite an entertainer.

The album starts with a bang with, Make Some Noise For The Desi Boyz, which has some immediate appeal with its pulsating drums and Bob’s forceful intro.  The DJs sure are going to have a blast with this presentation. The song almost sounds like it would be a hip-hop track but once the potent electric guitar riffs come on, it truly impresses alongside all the sound effects that are typical Pritam.  A must listen! As usual, the song has a remix. The original is certainly better than the remix.

The next song Subha Hone Na De, opens with a fun opening verse and then launches into club mode with the electronica sound.  But the song has a distinctly Indian feel. Mika sounds awesome on this track, as he adds that Punjabi swagger he brings to all his songs,  even sounds okay with the autotune. Shefali Alvares also sounds lovely on the track.  The remix of this song is quite nice.  .  

The highlight of the track is Jhak Maar Ke. Neeraj Shridhar makes a fine  entry with the opening verse.    Harshdeep Kaur also does a fine job in this track.  This is a fun number that will grab people’s attention. The composition of the song sounds a lot like ‘Chor Bazari’, which was another gem, and has that twangy guitar throughout mixing alongside the dhol, which always works.   Remix does not work as well.

The next song, Allah Maaf Kare, is not very original.  But Sonu Nigam and Shilpa Rao  do a nice job. The song is composed nicely and allows the singers to have fun with the material. Not a big fan of the  autotune and chipmunk voices    

It is always lovely to hear Shaan’s voice, and he does not disappoint in Let It Be, which sounds like a nice breezy indie romantic number.  The  guitar strumming in the back and folksy recorder  makes it a novel sound for a Pritam number.  Shaan sounds evocative in all the right parts and so smooth on this track. A cute romantic song!

Overall the music to Desi Boyz  and while may not be very original is sure to be a chartbuster.  The songs are a good bunch of fun and danceable tracks which is the main objective. So I think this will be an enjoyable track !

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