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A Soulful Concert

Adoor Brahmendra Krishnan

Bhavadhaarini yet again proved she was a fully resourceful artist providing a wide variety of compositions in various languages in her recent concert.

This was a very well organized concert at Shirdi Baba Temple in Bellerica, MA on Nov 19  Saturday between 5 and 7 pm . This temple is pretty new and seems to have a few extensions made in the recent times. The Back-Rest provided for the listeners and sufficient seating facility has to be appreciated. The crowd was overwhelming and the organizers managed their best to provide necessary facilities. The organizers had printed handouts for the listeners which was so useful to actually follow song by song.

The concert began with the Begada Varnam sung in two speeds.Pranamaamyaham in Gowla with crisp swara embellishments followed by a very peaceful Sahana Raga Alapana. Much unheard Emanadichevo of Thyagaraja Swami was presented with sufficient grace and expression. Bhavadhaarini comes from a fabulous parampara and she upholds the lofty tradition of the past greats at ease. She seems to have gotten a quality in herself to be able to present a satisfying concert for any type of listener.

Ragam Bhoopalam was potrayed with richly worked out sancharas subtly integrated with vocal articulation. Sadhachaleshwaram increased briskness to the concert. The contrasting Swagatham Krishna brought out a beautiful audience appeal.

Her aesthetic vision of music was evident in her Saramathi Raga Alapana. She fathomed the sensitivity of the raga and her rendition of Mokshamu lifted the listeners to another level. The well- spaced Sancharas compelled attention where as Manodharma colored the lineage of Saaramathi. Mahalingam Santhana Krishnan's Tani was really commendable.

The Thukkadas began with Shiradi Sai Dwarkamai in the Raga Brindavani. Bhavadhaarini's rendition of Jamuna Kinaare in Raga Peelu was totally a contrast rendition to the so far carnatic concert. She amazed the audience with her powerful voice yet subtle modulations wherever necessary. Om Namo Narayana in Ragam Karnaranajni with a Tamil viruttham was mesmerizing. She sang another piece on Shirdi Baba in Telugu followed by a Marati Abhang Amruthaahuni goda. The effort to make the audience participate towards the end of the Abahng with Namavalis enthused the devotees.

Bhavadhaarini has the ability to sing in different language, different genres and to use perfect diction in everybit she sings. She ended her Rendition with a Mangalam in Chenchurutti in Tamil.The Baba Harati and Prasad distribution lasted for 30 minutes immediately after the concert.

It was an awesomely spent evening in peaceful music and divine bliss. We hope to hear such fulfilling concerts more in our Boston area infuture as well.

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