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Boston Bhangra 2011 - A Phenomenal Success

Rohit Bambi

If you like Bhangra, Boston was the place to be on November 12th, 2011!  Boston Bhangra, Inc hosted their 8th annual Boston Bhangra Competition, called BBC for short, at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston.  This was their eighth straight sell out event with close to 3,000 people in attendance.  Bhangra fans were in attendance by the boat load!!  This included both South Asians and Americans alike! There were at least 30% non-south Asians in the audience which is showing just how diverse a dance Bhangra is becoming!

The competition level was very diverse and extremely competitive as they had teams from all over North America.  Teams hailed from California, Virginia, Vancouver, New Jersey, New York, Florida and of course, Boston.  These teams put on a great show and made it very difficult for the judges.

All 12 teams put on a great show, but after everything was done, there was a 3rd place tie between FAUJ/PFA, 2nd place went to Bhangra Empire from California, and 1st place went to Anakh-e-Gabroo from New York.

To add even more excitement to the event, Boston Bhangra had a special performance by the world famous Bhangra star, Nirmal Sidhu!  He is among some of the biggest Bhangra superstars across the globe with hit songs: Shere Punjabi Putt, Punjabi, Bindrakhian Boliyaan, Char Panj, Rakhe and many more!

Bollywood Grill was the food vendor of choice as they sold snacks, dinner and drinks at the venue.

The show was advertised and will air internationally on TV Asia!  The United States and Canada will be lucky to get these exclusive clips for their viewers!  This is the only competition to have television advertising and airing throughout various parts of the globe!  

Overall, this was a very successful year for the Boston Bhangra Competition, as all the pieces came together and everybody enjoyed the 3.5 hour show.  We highly recommend checking out this show which takes place in mid November every year.

TV Asia, Taj Hotels, Bollywood Grill, Ocean Spray, and Foley Hoag are some of the bigger sponsors that helped to make this show a reality.

To learn more about the Boston Bhangra Competition or Boston Bhangra, visit www.bostonbhangra.com.  You can also e-mail: info@bostonbhangra.com, or call 617-448-2508 for more information.

Boston Bhangra is a non-profit organization that promotes cultural awareness and mentorship of children.  To help support us in any way, please contact us at the above e-mail address or phone number.

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