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Grand Diwali Celebrations And Annakut Mahotsav At Vallabhdham Temple, CT

Rajeev Desai

This year's grand Diwali Celebrations and Annakut Mahotsav were celebrated by close to 1500 enthusiastic attendees from across the New England and beyond right into their own haveli 'Vallabhdham', 26 Church street, Newington, CT. It was a sheer display of the mercy of omnipotent Lord Shri Govardhandharan Shrinathjibava, blessings of many Vallabhkul Achryas including HDH Goswami 108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji Mahrajshri and overwhelming support of thousands of people who have sustained this activity for last 7 years.

This New Year Anakut Mahotsav on Sunday; October 30th was preceded by very successful Diwali Celebrations on October 22nd, 2011; at Vallabhdham. Just like in India; there was a majestic 'darshan' of Lord Shri Govardhannathji and Shri Balkrishnalalji; fireworks display and sumptuous feast for all. The main building of the temple was illuminated with an assortment of lights.

Vallabdham Diwali dazzles the crowd with a colorful and energetic cultural program.

On October 22nd Diwali Gala event was begun with a cultural variety show which include folk dances; solo performances; and a play performed by devotee enacting the epic story krishna-sudama. It was a fun filled day of activities for the community with something for everyone. Adding color to the event was entertainment by various community and dance group from Connecticut and New England who showcased their talent as part of the cultural programs. It was free admission and thousands of revellers turned out at the grand event and made it a great success. A Live musical program was organized which was followed by a grand dinner. The evening culminated by people participating and enjoying traditional Diwali sparklers display outside the temple.

The entire haveli of Vallabhdham was decorated with colorful lights from inside and outside, with many volunteers preparing for many food items for the guests, properly cleaning the floors and stage, etc. With special care, love and dedication; numerous delicacies were prepared for Lord shri Krishna along with marvelous decoration from the outside of the temple room where deities resides. All the decoration within the temple room is being handled by a dedicated priest in charge of only taking care of Lord Shri Krishna. starts very early for all the dedicated staff of volunteers. After doing seva for their deities at their individual homes, everyone arrives at Vallabhdham in the colorful new attire. After starting the New Year with all auspicious glimpse of the Lord; everyone exchanged the best of the holidays and new year which followed by traditional sweets.

The day of Annakut celebration on October 30th, Sunday Vallabhdham Temple volunteers placed mini Govardhan mountain in front of the deities. The priest placed the special swaroop of the Lord Krishna on the Govardhan hill. Then traditional pooja and bhog was offered to the lord. That was followed by everyone going around the Govardhan hill singing the befitting songs and bhajans.

Just after the Govardhan Pooja, the front section of the big hall of Vallabhdham was shut down to prepare for the Big Annakut offering. The whole area was cleaned to put many delicacies specially prepared for the Lord on a big stage. Many volunteers came to help priest put multitude of dishes in front of deities after taking shower and putting on clean clothes. After couple hours of beautiful arrangement of Annakut for the lord, special prayers were chanted to offer the entire Annakut for the pleasure of the lord. During the same time, there were more than 500 people gathered on the other side of the curtain waiting for the glimpse of the Lord. The remarkable activities and upcoming events of Vallabhdham were discussed in detail during that time. Then the crowd enjoyed the blessings of HDH Goswami 108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji Maharajshri via video message, who explained the importance and meaning of this festival in a commanding language.

Soon after, the darshan was opened and it was really a wonderful and magical sight. The deities looked beautiful and very happy to attract more than two thousand devotees from many states. The lines were formed for the close look of the lord and that was followed by big feast and fireworks. Meanwhile, many volunteers worked hard to properly maintain parking, security and kitchen arrangements for the guests. Many dedicated people stayed to clean the temple and everyone were overwhelmed and overjoyed with unbelievable success of the Annakut celebration at Vallabhdham.

Celebrations of this kind undoubtedly promote culture which is not only the widening of the mind but also of the spirit apart from unity and tolerance in society.

For More Information Please Contact : Rajeev Desai 860 796 2162 or Pranay Shah 860 328 0295

One may visit www.vpofct.org or www.vallbhdham.org for complete information.

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