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For The Mathematically Inclined

Anil Saigal

Akhil rode his bike the 4 miles to the fair at a relaxed pace. It took too long and had to double his speed on the way back in order to get home in time for dinner. If his total time traveling was 3 hours, how fast did he travel in each direction?


On Monday Nikhil drove to work in 45 minutes. On Tuesday he averaged 12 miles per hour more, and it took him 9 minutes less to get to work. How far does he travel to work?


Please send your solutions to mr.asaigal@gmail.com.

Use Problem Solutions M-112411 as the subject line. Please include your full name in the text of the main message. Everyone with the right answer will be acknowledged in the next issue of Lokvani.

Please do not post your solution in Post Comments. No credit will be given for solutions not sent to anil@lokvani.com.

If you need clarification on any problem, please contact anil@lokvani.com.


Problems from 11/10/11

Evaluate 2a-(4*(b-3*(a-2xb-2a))-10*(3b-5a))


Two ladders are placed cross-wise in an alley to form a lopsided X-shape.  The walls of the alley are not quite vertical, but are parallel to each other.  The ground is flat and horizontal.  The bottom of each ladder is placed against the opposite wall.  The top of the longer ladder touches the alley wall 5 feet vertically higher than the top of the shorter ladder touches the opposite wall, which in turn is 4 feet vertically higher than the intersection of the two ladders.  How high vertically above the ground is that intersection? (Figure 1)

Congratulations to Aseem Chandawarkar, who was the winner of the last set of puzzles.

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