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Lokvani Talks To Vinod And Shikha Kapoor Of Masala Art


Thirty years ago, Vinod and Shikha Kapoor introduced India’s cuisine to residents in MA.

Years later they are still very much a part of the restaurant scene in Massachusetts offering a variety of fare at Masala Art in Needham that remains popular till today.

 â€œOur efforts have always been to bring new innovations, new presentations and new flavors to our customer,” say Vinod and Shikha Kapoor, of Masala Art.

The Kapoors are great travelers making trips to Europe, UK and India checking out on how they can improve the menus .The restaurant has added on many new dishes to their offering with plated dinners, gluten free options, and healthy choices. “The perception among the mainstream is most of the Indian dishes are filled with fat and cream “says Vinod Kapoor. We are trying to show that one can make delicious curries using more healthy alternatives”.

When it comes to Weddings and Party catering orders, Masala Art is a favorite of many. Many high end hotels have the restaurant in their preferred vendor list since they have to meet stringent standards of hygiene and upkeep. The Kapoors restaurant have always passed that test and set themselves apart in this way. They have also introduced the concept of outdoor cookouts with a Tandoor and Dosa menu for clients who want that experience.

Masala Art offers a 16 course buffet on the weekend that includes a mini chat station, Dosa grill, and Chana Bhatura along with a host of other menu options. Its weekday buffet fare is also reasonably priced at $12. Signature dishes include Veg Lollipop, Dahi Puri, Shrimp Tim Tilka, Malai shrimp, Spinach cheese roll, cauliflower kebab, Tandoori Chicken Taco, Afghani Chicken Methi etc.

What are the challenges of running a restaurant business? Says Vinod Kapoor, “The biggest challenge is understanding and following a recipe, knowing when to tone down the fat and the spice to suit the tastes of the local clientele. When it comes to catering it is knowing how to serve the food at the right temperature, adhering to strict sanitary codes and health guidelines. We are proud of our standards and also of the fact that we have had 60 restaurant owners who worked with us and now started their own business.”

As restaurants across the country seek to connect with their surrounding communities and ensure their social responsibility, Masala Art  has also followed in that direction. They have worked with many Indian organizations like Chinmaya Mission, United India Association, IAGB, AIF, NEMM, Gurjar and TiE dinners offering their services by customizing their menus and prices to suit the palate and budgets.

“There is room for all of us,” he says. “All restaurants go through ups and downs but when times are tough we need to stick together as a community and help each other. We’re using the restaurant to do just that.”

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