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JagoWorld Shares A Gift Of Diwali With Under-served Children

Arun Chaudhari

असंख्य दीप और मशाल, हर बच्चा रहे खुशहाल | स्वज्योति को जगाओ जी, 'सेवा' प्रकाश बांटो जी || Gist: Countless lamps and candles filled with light of hope may bring happiness and brightness to every child. Let’s awaken our own inner light to dispel darkness and offer our humble service towards under-served children (From The Source).

JagoWorld hosted its 2nd year Diwali Setubandhan fund raiser lunch on October 25th, 2011 at Punjab Café, Quincy MA. As always, the idea of festival for JagoWorld is uniting celebration and service with sankalp (mission) and samparpit sewa bhaava (devotional giving).

Participants enjoyed, delicious bites of vegetarian lunch filled with light glowing from ancient oil lamp (Samai), and a glimpse of cultural program exhibited  through  poetry and discussion gaining momentum and richness every year because of JagoWorld’s unique way of sharing a joy and happiness with under-severed children.

What was evident this year more so than any was the absolute joy of completing 2010 Setubandhan project in India. Volunteers identified the school and partnered with local service minded citizens who worked hard to identify the priorities of students, teachers, and school. As a result of smart work of volunteers, we endowed more school benches and supplies in less cost (thanks to local manufacturer and suppliers). With focus on such projects, we believe out of school children can be brought into educational stream by supporting noble cause of education, which is essential step on the path to a fair, progressive, and equitable society.

The spirit of Diwali celebration and humble emotion of being part of great cause was felt by everyone, opportunity to renew their commitment of service was expressed by old friends. “A chance to spend time together for great educational cause is a good thing”, said one of the volunteer. Connecting new friends with bond of  true Setubandhan of community who are eager to serve those in needs most and share a light of happiness within, here, and as far as to Maatrubhoomee India is sweet grace of working together for the advancement of under-served children.

JagoWorld would like to thank donor friends who attended and made this event successful, friends who donated but couldn’t attend the Diwali lunch, and friends who have pledged to give a gift of Setubandhan. JagoWorld planning to send this year’s gift to Andhra Pradesh.

To learn more about JagoWorld, check out web site at www.jagoworld.org and the facebook to help promote the Service in Action project – The Setubandhan !

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