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Mayor Recognizes Outstanding ALOHA Mind Math Kids

Press Release

Madam Mayor Jeannette McCarthy recognized outstanding ALOHA Mind Math kids during a recognition party at the Waltham Center (www.aloha-usa.com/centers/waltham) on Sunday October 16. She presented trophies to those kids that excelled in a demonstration of their progress in the ALOHA program. These kids completed 50 problems each with 4 to 6 numbers in record time ranging from 4 minutes to 17 minutes using mind math and/or abacus. The 50 problems would normally take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to solve. Besides the trophies, Mayor presented a medal and certificate to all kids that completed a ALOHA level during the past quarter. Finally, she also welcomed new kids to the center and spoke about the value of Math encouraging all kids to continue to improve/master their math skills.
The motivational and fun-filled recognition party was organized and hosted by the owner and teacher of the Waltham ALOHA Mind Math program, Gnanesh Dholakia (waltham@aloha-usa.com, 781-519-1719).

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