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Happy Karva Chauth

For many ladies who have been recently married within the last twelve months, it will be their first Karva Chauth Vrat (fast) this year which in the UK, Europe and USA should be observed on Saturday October 15, 2011. To learn more about Karva Cauth, visit: http://lokvani.com/lokvani/article.php?article_id=5236.


Akash is the world's cheapest tablet computer. With hardly any flab beyond that seven inch screen, it might also be among the smallest. Unlike the original iPad, it accepts pen drives. You can buy an Adash tablet for about Rs 3,000 starting this November. Shell out a bit more and you could get a nice leather cover with a keyboard which you can plug in, so you could use this as a mini laptop. You might also get the option of making phone calls, both over the internet and over cellular networks.

On the other hand, French luxury label Hermes launches elegant sari at Rs. 400,000. India is progressing!

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