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Two Guys And Some Girl: South Asian Comedy


Two Guys and some Girl: South Asian Comedy
October 1, 2011:  Club Rumor

Headlined by Paul Varghese and Rajiv Satyal             
Written and Produced by Usha Govindarajulu

Two Guys and some Girl: South Asian Comedy was held in the heart of downtown Boston’s theatre district at Nick’s Comedy Stop (Club Rumor) on October 1, 2011 with approximately 70 people in attendance. It was hosted by two top-notch Indian standup comedians who have opened for Russell Peters: Paul Varghese and Rajiv Satyal, along with Usha Govindarajulu, the skit writer. The two-hour long program consisted of dynamic skits nested in between stand-up pieces by Rajiv and Paul.  

The show first opened with a skit where Usha made fun of a medical school program, immediately followed by a comic stand-up piece by Rajiv. After this, there were three dynamic short skits ranging from various themes among desis and business, with both Usha and Rajiv appearing in each, and concluded with a hilarious standup piece by Paul. The audience gave accolades for the production. Sheila Rajan noted, "I enjoyed the show because the comics were hilarious & the skits were insightfully funny.”  Newcomers like Mayetri Gupta also got a new taste of comedy who said, “Overall, it was a very entertaining show in a lively venue." Mayetri Gupta commented” I would say it was made very well and professionally... the different parts flowed together very smoothly..,and having never seen a show with Indian stand-up comedians before, was quite a new and highly entertaining experience for us.”

The strength of the show was carried by the two headliners, Paul and Rajiv, and the interwoven skits to break up the tempo between the two standup pieces.  Paul has had extensive experience.  He has performed at the HBO Comedy Festival, the Montreal and Toronto's Just For Laughs Festivals and the TBS Comedy Festival. His TV credits include Telemundo 2's Loco Comedy Jam, NBC's Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central's Live At Gotham and he can be seen this October 17th on Showtime's Russell Peters Presents.

Rajiv has repeatedly opened for Dave Chappelle, Kevin Nealon, Tim Allen, and also for Russell Peters in sold-out theaters across the U.S.A. He has performed everywhere from Boston to Bangalore and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times. You can find Rajiv regularly performing at the Laugh Factory and Improvs in Los Angeles.

This was the fifth production by Usha. She became more involved with theater after producing the play, Bend It Like Auntie, which she had written, in October 2005.  In 2006, she directed and wrote skits for a theatrical event, NetSAP Comedy Mela, held at the Comedy Connection.  She was an assistant producer for the highly successful play, Indian Ink in collaboration with Small World Big Sky Productions. Her last production was Rape, Regret, and Retribution in conjuction with SETU in 2008. Her last comedy production in 2006 consisted of skits and standup pieces, but her chance to work with bigger than life true standup comedians, Rajiv and Paul, was a new venture and positive experience. People have asked her to do more so we shall see!

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