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In Conversation With Indian Idol Winner Sreeram Mynampati

N Rajaratnam

It was an achievement that was waiting to happen. Since being crowned as the Indian Idol in its fifth edition, Sreeram Chandra Mynampati has been `going places”.

Several accolades and appreciations came along the way to cement his place in the world of entertainment. At the dawn of the New Year, his career can only go one way, to the top of the charts.

Reflecting on the career graph of the five winners of the pulsating show that rocked  the nation, the Hyderabad lad has been fortunate comparatively speaking in that he is gradually inching towards the final destination-Hollywood. Not bad considering that he has taken the first step towards international fame as a 24-year-old when several veterans are yet to hit the path. But it was not a rosy path along for this handsome youngster. He had to face many disappointments before this great accomplishment. Says Sreeram “Before Indian idol I had sung a few numbers for a Telugu film but it was never used because they shelved them and used an established singer which hurt me a lot. But thanks to the encouragement of the principle of the Music College, I never lost my confidence and moved on,” he explains.

On the momentous title win, Sreeram Chandra says with broad smile, “At times, I was nervous singing before an acclaimed jury comprising Sunidhi Chauhan, Anu Malik and Salim Merchant and a celebrated audience from Bollywood.”

Other milestones were to follow in quick succession. The Commonwealth Games in New Delhi may have come in for myriad controversies but the extravaganza goes into his resume` as a major accomplishment. `

“I was thrilled to share the dais with star performers like Shankar Mahadevan, Shaan, Ila Arun, Zila Khan, among others. What made it even more memorable was that I was the babe of the star cast. It was an experience of a lifetime,” he gushes in utter joy.

What he did not know was that destiny was working in his favour during the run up to the grand `Indian Idol 5’ finale. It was also being watched by people who neither comprised the jury nor the national audience.

The select crowd of viewers was to change the course of his career forever. That they belonged to Fox Star Studios meant that he was on his way to California. One way or the other, international stardom beckoned, sooner than later.

Oblivious of the good auguries that were unfolding behind the scenes, Sreeram cut his first album, Rehnuma. The album may not have topped the charts straightaway but it left a lasting impression on the people who matter, the Hollywood bigwigs. 

The youth icon, who is a qualified engineer, is entering a new vista. It will surprise no one particular if `Rehnuma’ is hummed by teenagers in the not too distant future.  In the era of Harry Potter, a film that was a hit with the youngsters was Narnia and the sequels that followed. And that is precisely where Sreeram has found his Hollywood calling, on the Fox Studios platform.

Sreeram, who braved his way through repeated audition failures in the beginning of his career, has the coveted distinction of being the first Indian singer to feature in a Hollywood film. Ironically, two pictures for which he sang were jinxed for varied reasons. This surely is a rags-to-riches storyline that is in true filmy style.

Rehnuma, which has also been recorded in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, is featured in the title credits of the Hollywood blockbuster, `The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader”.

On that singular count he is right now in a uniquely unheralded company. “The producers of Narnia had heard my numbers on ‘ Rehnuma’ and approached me to sing the other language versions. All I can say is that I am ecstatic. Everything is gradually evolving itself into a dream come true pattern. I never imagined that I would figure in a Hollywood film,’ states Sreeram on his biggest professional achievement till date.

Sreeram, who considers Kishore Kumar as his God, has become a globetrotter of sorts. Fans from Germany, Bangkok, Middle East, South Africa and Bangkok are getting to hear Sreeram live.

On his part, he has chalked out a fabulous future that is bound to enthrall music lovers from across the globe.

Saluting the facilitating role played by reality shows, Sreeram signs off with all humility. “My hard work is paying off gradually”.

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