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Film Review

Chitra Parayath


Warning: This film is injurious to your mental well being and viewing it will result in severe depression. Walk the dog instead. Don't have dog? Get one, walk it!

N. Chnadra disappoints with his new release Style , totally lacking style or substance. The things I do for my readers! Sat through the thoroughly tasteless film, with no redeeming features evident in any shot.

N.Chandra’s directorial skills seem to have degenerated since the “Ankush” and “Pratighaat” days. His attempt at a suspense thriller Shikari starring Govinda, Tabu and Karisma Kapoor bombed at the Box Office and I suspect Style will sink too.

Sharman Joshi and Sahil Khan as Chantu and Bantu are irritating till you see Riya Sen( daughter of Moon Moon) and Shilpi Mudgal. Tara Deshpande's considerable talent is wasted here and the rest of the cast is mediocre.

The music by Sanjeev Darshan is eminently forgettable.

Film: Style
Cast: Sharman Joshi, Riya Sen, Sahiland Shilpi Mudgal,Tara Deshpande
Writer-producer-director: N.Chandra.
Music: Sanjeev-Darshan.
Lyrics: Nitin Raikwar, Tejpal Kaur and Abbas.
Cinematography: Manoj Gupta.
Art: Nitin Desai.
Editing: Prashant-Vinod.
Choreography: Lollypop.

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