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Valuing Purposeful Use Of Time

Sanjay Saxena

Rishi Chintan (ॠषि चिंतन)

Valuing purposeful use of time

by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya (www.awgp.org

Wasting time means wasting life. The moments frittered away in laziness or lethargy, can never be regained. Life gets as much shorter as many droplets of time are spilled out of the cup of life. The emptiness of the cup of life can't be refilled by any means. Whatever work a person could have done in the wasted moments, that void can never be refilled.

Every moment of life presents the potential for a splendid future. Every moment can become a great turning point in life. One can never say with certainty, that the  very moment that they are wasting away, is not that moment which promises a resurging fortune. Who knows that the very moment which we are frittering away, that very moment might have brought a bagful of beautiful successes.

Missed moments of opportunity, turn into an agony of regret. Those who aspire to achieve something in life, they should never defer any task/duty for tomorrow, that needs to be done today. Today is fixed for today's tasks and tomorrow is meant for tomorrow's work.

 -- Akhand Jyoti, August'1966

Courtesy:  Gayatri Pariwar of Massachusetts (www.Gayatri.info)

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