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Shabhana Azmi In "Broken Images"

Anoop Kumar


Broken Images starring accomplished and talented theatre and film actress Shabana Azmi and is coming to Boston on October 9th. This English play stars not only has well known theatre and film actress Shabana Azmi in a lead role,  the play is written by veteran theatre personality Girish Karnad and is directed by Alyque Padasmsee.


The play was first opened in Mumbai, India in December 2009, and has earned rave reviews and thunderous response due to its fascinating script, brilliant technical and creative touch in direction and marvelous acting of Shabana Azmi.


The performance is scheduled for Saturday, October 9th at the Reading Memorial Auditorium, 62 Oakland Road, Reading, MA. Tickets can be purchased at http://desiclub.com and more information on the play  can be found at www.brokenimagesplay.com.  Part of the proceeds will be donated to Akshaya Patra Foundation  - www.foodforeducation.org - that is feeding freshly prepared meals to 1.2 million underprivileged school children DAILY in India.

This is a psychological thriller that rips the mask off a celebrity. The twenty-first century is the age of the electronic image. From every corner of our world, electronic images fling themselves at us, entertaining, educating, enticing & offering us a virtual world. This play is a masterpiece about self delusion and phantom images. Two sisters locked in mortal combat. Who will emerge triumphant?

Commenting on the play, Girish Karnad said, “When T. S. Eliot talked of ‘a heap of broken images where sun beats and the dead tree gives no shelter’ in his ‘Waste Land’, he was obviously talking of concrete images found piled in a desert. The images that surround us---in every burgeoning Indian megalopolis--- are digital, insubstantial but persistent, and the desert they define is our ‘hyper-reality’. We have all morphed into our own images. ”

“A good play entertains. A great play opens windows in your mind through which you see the past and the future in one continuum,” said Alyque Padamsee.

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