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Check Out The Shubhra Fall Collection

Shubhra Bhattacharya Chandra

This summer, I metaphorically and physically (to some destinations) travelled from Delhi to Dhaka, Bombay to Bali, London to Lucknow. In search of fabrics for the fall fusion fashion collection. Sometimes by air, often by car and mostly through mental highways and landmarks, I arrived at a vision of what future fashions for the globalista should look like. They should be eco-friendly or give back to the community at large in some way. The fashions should dress his or her many avatars during the course of the day, week and month. Natural fabrics, very travel worthy and multi-tasking. What about recycling? Well, that leads me to the meaning behind why I started designing and what fashion means to me today.

My love of beautiful fabrics knows no boundaries- either national or in years. Hand woven zari silk saris from India, much loved cotton batik sarongs from Bali and beautiful cotton jacquard saris from Dhaka all found their place in my collection. Old was mixed, embroidered and stitched with the new. Magically, recycling took on a new meaning. Giving back to the community- here we are again- donating time and fashions for auctions towards good causes!
Oct brings several important showings to bring in the festive season. Boston Fashion Week (yes, we have a fashion week too, move over NYC) show is planned on friday Oct 1st at 10 pm at Tantric Bar and Grill in Boston. Models from local colleges will be showcasing some of Shubrah.com's organic cotton and recycled silk fashions followed by a fun night of music and dancing. We will be selling our fashions at the hip urban event -Stylefixx on Oct 6th and 7th. Also in the works- a trunk show before Diwali and Thanksgiving. Hastings Marketplace- a fundraiser for Lexington schools will see us giving back to a good cause again. Meanwhile, designing and coordinating costumes for our very own children's music and dance troupe called Lex Leher (for IAL's cultural diwali event). Check out our new blog and fashions on the website.

Yes, it is that time of year- gift giving, supporting fundraisers, apple picking and raking leaves, planning responsible fall fashions, all in the recycled or bio-degradable bag!

Shubhra Bhattacharya Chandra is Founder of www.shubrah.com and can be reached at Shubhra@shubhradesign.com or http://www.shubrah.blogspot.com/.

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