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A Plea - Save The Baby Harshita Luthra


Amit Luthra, the father of the baby makes a request to Lokvani readers to help in any way they can.

Dear Reader:

First of all my sincere thanks to you all for sparing some time and reading my mail.

My daughter, Harshita Luthra is suffering with fatal, congenital heart disease that is Pulmonary Artesia, VSD MAPCA'S with multi focal blood supply. Ever since I learned about her problem, I have been running pillar to post to save her life. I have taken up her case with highly reputed hospitals like DMC Ludhiana, Escorts New Delhi, Narayana Harudayalaya Bangalore but all the hospitals have refused her case. On one of my close friends’ recommendation I had taken up her case with DR Pedro Del Nido and New Burger of Children's Hospital Boston, USA. He is one of the topmost heart surgeon. Since 1968 he has performed 61 such surgeries with approx. 100% success rate. These types of cases are unique in it self. But the cost of hospital stay, operation & medicine is not within my personal reach. The total cost for this whole operation including the hospital stay and medicine is USD 88510/- and is the discounted price. This includes hospital stay up to 15 days. After those 15 days, hospital stay is going to cost me additional USD 3300/- per day.

I have already transfer USD 88510 to Children Hospital Boston and and operation has been successfully performed by Dr Pedro Del Nido on 4 August but after the operation a few complication developed. Harshita was again admitted to hospital next day  but after few day's Harshita again suffered with pneumonia. Again she admitted for a week in hospital then discharged , but on final check up the doctor found mitral valve leakage in echo .  Doctor say that they require Harshita for another test on 20 October if that leakage cured automatically then it's okay otherwise it may require another surgery  and require more stay here.  From last two months we are living with  Debby Mills but the committed time is over and we will have to vacate it on  5 October.  We will have major  problem after that for we require a place to stay and money both to survive like food , clothing and other daily requirement. Till now Mr Paramjeet ,Ved Vrat Gupta, Saravan Kannan, Harjeet Singh Gill ,Swaranjeet Singh Dhillon ,Amit  Dyuti, Vishali Gaur have helped me a lot financially and provide moral support to me. Right now i have $ 700 in bank of America account
I would be highly obliged if you could help save my child Harshita.and help with further lodging and financial help to me. 

With folded hands, I request you to give blessing to her for long Life. Kindly also provide me some sort of financial support and provide me lodging to enable me to save the life of my baby Harshita Luthra.
Yours Sincerely

Amit Luthra

Please find below the YouTube link of the news covered by various news channels search all the pages on google with keyword save harshita luthra


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