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One thing I have always found prevalent throughout the whole Indian community is the influence of cultural Indian music. When I go to family parties, towards the end of the night I find all the parents sitting around singing childhood classics or playing antakshari, sound familiar? This influence seems to have carried on to my generation as well, or at least to me, and is the main reason I have become a DJ. I am a 21-year-old college student, captain of a South Asian dance team, and am addicted to desi music!

Ever since I started dancing bhangra at Lexington High School, I have had a passion for music. That is my main feature that sets me apart from other DJ’s. On top of that, I offer a huge music library that focuses on both quality and quantity. This spans a variety of genres including hip-hop, bollywood, bhangra, top 40, reggaeton, house, and more. Whether you want the latest hits or the old timeless classics you all love, DJ Arun has it all!

My passion for Indian music and dance, as well as my rigorous work ethic are evident in previous events I have done.

 “You handled the pressure of my engagement reception very well” – DJ Bombay.
Need a Disc Jockey for your next event? DJ Arun plays the latest in Bollywood, Bhangra, Top 40, and more, as well as the classics you all love! If you have an upcoming wedding, birthday, or graduation party, contact DJ Arun for affordable prices and of course an unforgettable night!

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