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Indian Women Physicians's Summer Retreat

Dr. Manju Sheth and Dr. Deepa Jhaveri

The Indian Women Physicians’ Forum (IWF) had their summer meeting on Sunday June 6th in Lynnfield, MA.   The turnout was excellent with women doctors having driven over 50 miles and braved adverse weather & tornado warning to be a part of this event.

The doctors met at 2 pm and were mingling, socializing and networking as usual over a cup of chai for the first 30 minutes or so. This was followed by Dr. Manju Sheth, Co-chair of IWF welcoming everyone & introducing the first of two fabulous speakers.
Our first speaker was Shubhra Chandra.  She is well known for her fusion style clothing and eco-friendly business practices.  She gave an insightful talk titled ‘Dress for Success’ where she gave tips on how doctors can dress chic.  Her talk was very well received and crossed generational dressing barriers.  Her website is www.shubrah.com

Dr. Deepa Jhaveri, the other co-chair then conducted a short ice breaker where people introduced themselves and their medical specialty.  This was followed by a brief introduction of our next speaker, an expert in the practice of yoga, Pankaj Patel. She has over 15 years of experience in teaching yoga and trained under Guru Nagendraji Vivekananda Kendra.  Pankaj discussed the different forms and uses of yoga and meditation in balancing our day to day stresses.  She then proceeded to demonstrate and teach some common and easy to follow yogic postures.  Several of the women physicians joined Pankaj and enjoyed the de-stressing and relaxing postures and breathing exercises. 

The meeting was concluded by Dr. Mohani Malhotra, the moderator for the group, in which she thanked the speakers & also the attendees and the hostess Dr. Sheth.

IWF has come a long way since its inception. We received fabulous comments including the great speakers, hard work, energy and the momentum created by the co-chairs. It has become a wonderful source to connect people.

We hear great stories all the time including the recent one of  IMANE President Dr. Geeta Trivedi looking for her school friend for many years as she had heard that she was in NE area & was able to finally catch up with her after she met her daughter Dr. Sonal at the IWF meeting.

Young Physicians get to know the senior doctors and learn about job availabilities among other things and senior doctors get to know about fresh new ideas from young doctors. IWF is also working with various local charities like Saheli and members are encouraged to join and contribute in their communities.

The air of anticipation and excitement was proof that IWF has come to serve its purpose of creating a niche atmosphere for the hard working women physicians of today to meet, network and grow in ways outside of their medical practices and medical education. 

For further information Please contact the co-chairs Drs. Manju.Sheth and Deepa Jhaveri at iwfmd@yahoo.com.

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