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Kamal Jain Sets $26,930,143,000 Limit

Press Release

Kamal Jain won’t spend more than $26,930,143,000 on primary election

On Friday, June 4th, Kamal Jain, Republican candidate for State Auditor, filed his primary election spending limit, pledging not to spend more than $26,930,143,000 in his primary election campaign.

$26,930,143,000 is the size of the official Fiscal Year 2010 Massachusetts state government budget.

"27 billion is the size of this year’s state budget, but state spending will be drastically higher than that," Jain remarked.  "I chose the state budget amount as my primary spending limit to call attention to state spending.  This amount only represents about half of what total spending will be for FY2010."

In FY2009, the state’s total spending was $51.8 billion, exceeding the $28.2 billion budget by about $24 billion.  The state government is spending an average of $1,000,000,000 each week.

Kamal Jain is campaigning for State Auditor with the sole purpose of bringing Total Transparency to Massachusetts.  By putting every dollar and every dime of state spending online, he will empower the people to see exactly how their government spends taxpayer dollars.  If Jain’s campaign were to raise and spend $27 billion, the real winners in this election would be the people of Massachusetts.

"Other candidates for Auditor promise to go behind the curtain and tell the people what is going on back there," Kamal Jain pledges.  "I will tear down the curtain and invite the people to come in and see for themselves.  I’ll give the voters a map, a compass, and a flashlight, and let them loose to explore every crevice of state government spending."

Jain is the only candidate for State Auditor from any party with a vision and a plan for enhancing democracy and improving civic engagement through Total Transparency.  Further details of his Total Transparency plan will be released this month.

Kamal Jain’s campaign is not about furthering any particular party, ideology, or agenda, but rather to promote democracy and restore citizen engagement with, and oversight of, their government.  This can only happen with Total Transparency.

Information about Jain and his campaign can be found at his official web site at MassTransparency.com, or by callling 781-31-AUDIT.

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