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A Mother's Introspection

Parvathy Ayyar


Motherhood brings joy and responsibility,

And joy gives way to care and anxiety.

To see the kids shape exemplary,

In every sphere, academics, sports and arts. 

Every mother has her blueprint ready,

Plans with enthusiasm the varied activities,

Because the child is her pride, joy and sunshine

Eagerly expecting it to fulfill her dream . 

Do we see the mother’s dream fulfilled always?

Little do we know every child is born with a purpose,

When ambition is threatened, despair steps in,

And the child is totally confounded rather confused.. 

Let all mothers sit and think in retrospect ,

On Mother’s day to analyze  their role,

Ask a question,’ Have I done my task well?

Many “No’s, and some ‘Yes’ echo in the ears. 

Someone from within answers calmly and clearly,

Motherhood is not an ornament nor is it a title,

It is a task to be performed with care and caution,

Alarming at times, frustrating quite often 

A mother has multiple roles, sometimes contradictory,

A teacher, a true friend, a disciplinarian and a listener,

Handling a child is like walking on a glass piece,

Biology brings the child, psychology and wisdom shape it. 

Show the child how to love and respect,

Listen to  the child’s needs and questions,

Accept the child for what it is worth,

Every child is precious being a gift of God 

Resist to thrust your ambition down,

Understand and appreciate your child’s mind,

Shape it while it is flexible guide it with prudence

Allow it to bloom spontaneously sans thoughts cankerous. 

With divine blessings, relax after fulfilling your task,

Great job done to your maximum ability and capacity,

With regrets none, and rewards many,

And that feeling is the ‘true mother’s day gift.

(Parvathy Ayyar (retd.) taught English and communication at Somaiyya College in Mumbai, India. She has two daughters and three grandchildren. )

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