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Lokvani Team

Dear readers of Lokvani

Here is a request
From Indira & Dermot:

Our only child Devan needs your help. He’s four years old and has relapsed with a rare form of high-risk leukemia. His doctors believe his life depends on a bone marrow transplant that they hope to do after 12 weeks of chemotherapy. What is difficult is finding a donor match – 1 in 200,000 in his case, we've been told - and we haven't found one yet.

You or someone you know might be the person who can save Devan’s life. All you need to do is a simple cheek swab to find out. The organizations below will send you a kit. Donating is easy – these days it’s much like a simple blood draw.

1.PLEASE, REGISTER NOW. The test is easy & free, but processing takes time (10 weeks in the UK), and Devan doesn’t have much. Register below.

2.PLEASE FORWARD THIS ON TO OTHERS. Anyone can be a match, but those who are mixed Indian/Caucasian have an even better chance of helping Devan. Please, please, cut and paste this message to strip out any private email addresses and forward this to everyone you can. By forwarding this email to at least 10 people now, we can spread the word to 50,000 possible donors within 48 hours.

3. VISIT DEVAN’S SITE – www.matchdevan.com – we will be including details on how to organize your own drive, valuable information on leukemia and FAQ’s on registering and donation.

 In the US go to Be The Match Bone Marrow Registry,http://www.marrow.org/JOIN/Join_Now/join_now.html  (you need to be 60 or under)

Thank you.

Lokvani team


Meet Our Sponsor

ATFS Learning Center

433 South Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

ATFS Learning Center develops a desire to excel and help the child define and taste success. And that is just the beginning....

ATFS offers:

Learning After school -  through homework help ; academic time that instills good study habits (elementary, middle and high).

Saturday enrichment time that provides that extra challenge (elementary and middle)

Private tutoring that provides one on one guidance (middle and high school)

Take Out Self Study - materials that develop thorough understanding of topics.

Summer enrichment/courses each summer that keep children brilliantly occupied and gives them a head start for the next academic year.

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