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Six Outstanding High School Students Team Compete At TyE Gala


TyE Gala and 10 K Business Plan Competitions

By TiE-Boston


Who wants to be an Entrepreneur? Over 27 students from area high-schools spent Saturday mornings learning the nuts and bolts of what it means to be an entrepreneur as part of this year’s TyE program (TiE Young Entrepreneurs).


TyE is a TiE-Boston’s signature program for high school students with a mission to provide an environment and ecosystem for young people to dream of becoming entrepreneurs and business leaders. As part of the program students participate in a 10K Business Plan competition.

The Final pitching and judging of this year’s TyE 10K Business Plan competition will be held on April 10th 2010. Six outstanding teams (Enerlyze, IMAGEN, iCAPITALIST, SALVAVERDE, HOUSE 2 HOME, VIA INC) with business plans spanning a whole array of themes and sectors are in the competition. For the first time three prizes of 5K, 3K and 2K will be awarded. This will recognize the hard work put in by a larger number of students and encourage them to stay the course.


We invite you to the TyE Gala on April 10th to celebrate the winners of this year’s competition. Attractions of the evening are:

-                  Keynote Speech by Eswar Priyadarshan, CTO & Co-Founder, Quattro Wireleless

-                  Guest Speaker, Akhil Nigam, Founder & President, Mass Challenge

-                  Presentations by TyE 2009-2010 student teams

-                  Special Guest Desh & Jaishree Deshpande 

-                  2010 TyE Prize Distribution 

This TyE experience is life changing for several students, some get direction on a career path, others get help with fine tuning their college application, and some others hone in their presentation skills. In all the transformation of high school students into entrepreneurs is highly rewarding.

In 2009 TyE was adopted by TiE-Global as one it’s programs and offered to other TiE chapters. As a result 5 TiE chapters have implemented a TyE Program. Each is holding its own TyE completion and the winner from the five chapters will participate in the TyE Global business plan competition.


We invite you to come and join us at this event, to meet and greet our students and special guests and encourage this year’s TyE participants. TyE Gala is being held at Holiday Inn Select in Woburn. For more details please visit: http://boston.tie.org/TGS/EM/viewevent/viewEventPT?id_event=4334&from_where=chapter_homepage

or www.boston.tie.org

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