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AIF Youth Group Invites You To 'Spring To Action 'Bike Ride Event

Swini Garimella


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Starting Location: Concord-Carlisle High School

Approx. Ride Length: 25 miles

Bike Route: In and around the town of Concord, MA (Download Bike Ride Route Map here)

Click here to register and pledge for the Bike Ride!

Only 25 Bikes are available for rental - Register Soon!

The American India Foundation Spring to Action Bike Ride is a fun, 25-mile 'at-your-own-pace' tour along a beautiful route in and around Concord, Massachusetts. Four experienced riders will lead the participants on the trail. Rain date for the ride is Saturday, April 24, 2010. The proceeds of this event will go towards the Rickshaw Pullers Program supported by the AIF.

For every $250 that is contributed to the cause, a Rickshaw puller will:

• Be able to own his/her own Rickshaw in 18 months

• Have health insurance, Rickshaw insurance, and Passenger insurance

Over the years the program has dramatically improved the lives of Rickshaw pullers, by enabling them to:

• Own a house

• Improve their life savings

• Send their children to school for higher education

• Invest in other small business ventures

Watch the video to see the impact of this program here

Come Join us to improve livelihood of these hardworking individuals. Pledge $250, $500, $1000 or an amount you feel is appropriate and raise the funds amongst your friends and family to support this program.

To register for the Bike Ride, Click here

To support the rickshaw pullers, Click here

About Rickshaw Sangh:

Every year, millions of migrant workers in India pull rickshaws to make a living. They are forced to rent the rickshaws at exorbitant rates from fleet owners, leaving them very little money to ever be able to buy their own rickshaw. Pedaling more than 14 hours a day, they are barely able to make both ends meet. Their dream of owning a rickshaw remains just a dream. Many rickshaw pullers are known to have done this through their entire lives – sometimes 30-40 years – without ever owning a rickshaw.

To turn their dreams into reality, the American India Foundation’s Rickshaw Bank program enables them to buy rickshaws, and become proud owners. By the end of one year, the rickshaw-pullers will have paid enough to own the rickshaw, allowing them to keep all of their future wages which is generally 3 times more than what they typically earned earlier. Beyond that, the AIF initiative brings them under a collective umbrella which helps them access health insurance, education for their children and a creates a new identity for them and their families.


If you have any questions or need additional information about this event, please contact AIF Boston Youth Group at boston.aif@gmail.com

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