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IANH First Chess Tournament

Anmol Wadhwa

First IANH Chess Tournament off to a Great Start

After the success of our first Table Tennis tournament in August 2009, it was clear that there was scope to add more sporting activities for the New England Indian community. With this in mind we started planning our next sporting event, a Chess Tournament. After few months of planning, the registration process was rolled out during the first week of February. Registrations started at a very slow pace but eventually picked up as the event deadline approached. As with any community based events, the success of this event too depended on active participation from its members. Thankfully, by the end of deadline, we had received over 30 registrations.

Focus and Concentration to Beat the Opponent
On March 14, the day of the event, we got together at YMCA Nashua NH, venue of the chess tournament. Matches were played in 6-round Swiss league format with 30-minute time controls. Pairing for each round was done based on points acquired in the previous round. At the end of 6 rounds, participants with the maximum scores were declared winners … in each of the two age categories.

The Participants: Youth and Adults
The primary objective of adding sports events as part of IANH (India Association of New Hampshire) activities was to make them popular amongst junior and youth members. This was well-achieved by this event as over two-thirds of the participants were under the age of 20 and some even under 10 years! It also showed commitment from families as they too joined in to encourage the participants. The orderly conduct and excellent cooperation from the participants made it all a smooth sailing.
Sponsers and organizers: Jay Pandit from NEESP with Vishwa, Anmol, and Vandana from IANH

At the end of the six rounds, the following emerged as the top players from each category. Trophies to winners and runner-ups will be awarded during the upcoming IANH Spring festival on May 22, 2010 at Nashua High School North.

Open Category
Winner: Kavyashree Mallanna
Runner-up: Vijay Sathiananthan

Junior Category (5-15 year group)
Winner: Kathan Master
Runner-up: Arjun Shah
The Winners: Kavyashree and Vijay (Standing), Kathan and Arjun (Seated)

We would like to thank Vishwa Krishnamurthy for helping us conduct the Chess tournament and being the tournament arbiter; IANH Secretary Dr. Tej Dhakar for providing continuous support; NESSP (New England Shirdi Sai Parivaar) for sponsoring the snacks for the participants; and all others who helped make this event a big success.

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