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South Asian Art - Artist Profile

Razvin Namdarian

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Artist in Focus-Aashish Swami

Born in the tribal belt of Madhya Pradesh After completing his B.A. at Umaria, he took up format art education. In 1985 his first exhibition took place at Bhopal, which was inaugurated by the late J. Swaminathan. In 1989, he completed his M.F.A at J.M.I. New Delhi, under the guidance of Professor Ramchandran Nair.

He also designed set panels for N.S.D repertory company along with director Bansi Kaul. He has also worked with the late Safdar Hashmi, as an art director for his television production.

His style of work has been developed due to professor K.G.Subramaniyam's affectionate teaching at Shantiniketan.

He draws a lot inspiration from the life and work of the late Ramkinakar Baij. He has also drawn inspiration from the works of film and theatre personalities. His way of thought is influenced by Sufi and folk music. His free way of working is because of the lush forest and the laid back life of Madhya Pradesh.

Swami is by nature a bohemian -- well versed in literature, his tradition and the creative arts; one who defies social conventions; a gypsy.

While these definitions might be technically correct, they don't seem to do justice in describing this gypsy's creative thought process.

He lives in an alternative space. Expresses himself without any care or regards for social convention.

The uniqueness of Swami is in his ability to think out of the box due to ability of free thinking and radical way of living life.

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