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Music Review - Striker

Ranjani Saigal

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Music Director : Vishal Bhardwaj, Shailendra Barve, Gulzar, Blaaze, Amit Trivedi, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Swanand Kirkire.

Vocals : Swanand Kirkire, Vishal Bhardwaj, Blaaze, Nitin Raikwar, Siddharth, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Nigam, Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Lyrics : Swanand Kirkire, Gulzar, Blaaze, Nitin Raikwar, Prashant Ingole, Jeetendra Joshi.


Striker, a Bollywood film starring Southie beauty Padmapriya and Telugu movie heart-throb Siddharth Narayan, has music by Vishal Bharadwaj. The album features several wonderful tracks.

Cham Cham

Shailendra Barve's prolific prowess over instrumentals makes surprisingly melodic start with somber ''Sufism'' with vocal delights of Sonu Nigam's enriching voice in ''Cham Cham''. The divine enlightening feel in textures of ''Sufism'' is analogous to Mithoon's ''Maula Mera Maula'' (ANWAR) but the tempo is rather decelerated with prolonged duration that carries slow pitched traditionally classical arrangements with vocals in tandem. Jeetendra Joshi's invigorating wordings about love and divinity brings out contours of subtlety in ''lovey-dovey'' moments. Presumably a background score exhibiting love-chemistry, this subtle-paced ''qawwali'' is another fine exhibit of Sonu's expertise on varying tones with ''classy'' feel attached to it. Barve's aesthetics plays to the galleries well with the flavor of the season (Sufism), getting embroiled well with the decorous romantic sentiments.

Aim Laga Ungli Chala...

The theme song of the movie is energetic and addictive; why wouldn’t it be when you have Blaaze setting the lyrics on fire with his fast and peppy rap. Although it’s a little difficult to understand the words, the tune is very catchy. There is a hint of fusion with classical instruments like tabla and sitar thrown in. One should also give credit to Anushka for matching the pace and feel of Blaaze. A song that one would listen to over and over again. However, people familiar with Tamil songs would recognize the rap as one that Blaaze has already used in the movie Aegan.

"Bombay Bombay"

Lead actor Siddharth take over the mike for tuneful talking about the aspiring escapades in hustling-bustling city of Mumbai in ''Bombay Bombay''. Composed to be narrative background score, this Amit Trivedi's composition boasts of simplistic electronic arrangements with modest Prashant Ingole's wordings to support. It's a visual feel type of experimental number where music is just a ground support to jester out the sentiments.

Pia Saanvara ...


A romantic melody with Sunidhi crooning very soothingly, composed by Shailendra Barve and Jeetendra Joshi penning the lyrics. The tunes are rich with classical flavor. And the flute usage has highlighted this to a great extent. A very beautiful song.

Haq Se

Yuvan Shankar Raj, a renowned identity in South, comes with his characteristic Tamilian tuneful setting in emoting out situational average score ''Haq Se''. Yuvan along with Siddharth sings out with his peculiar baritones about the dreams and aspirations of the lead protagonist. It's an off beat composition.

Ajab Teri Karni Maula...


This number has been composed and song by Swanand Kirkire. A very natural and pleasant song with very few instruments. In fact an entire song with just the dolak and harmonium. Reminds you of music of 70’s. The qawwali tone adds more flavor to the song.

Yun Hua

Yun Hua, a soothing male solo track is a respite for all good reasons. Vishal Bharadwaj sings and composes this light-hearted compassionate romantic offering. Gulzar sahab's illustrative poetic wordings are the finest of the album that tenders smoothly into silken textures of feather-touched arrangements. Vishal makes fine usage of keys, percussions that makes nimble concoction with electric guitar blues to evoke ''lounge'' sentimental feel. After ''Cham Cham'', this beautifully worked number is another likable melodic treat that is surely going to appreciate the narrative flow of this violent love saga.

A medley of directors produce a lovely track.. How the movie does in theaters needs to be seen!

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