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India Republic Day Declared As An Indian Republic Day In Connecticut

Press Release

The Republic Day of India Celebration dazzled the Capitol building in Hartford, Connecticut. The evening was glamorized by the gracious presence of our Consul General of India, Ambassador Prabhu Dayal, and the state of Connecticut represented by Lt. Governor Michael Fedele and his wife Carol,  Former Congressman Rob Simmans, Senator Paul Doyle, Rep. Jason Rozas, Rep. Gail Hamm and Rep. Tony Guerrera. The Republic Day celebration conveyed the message of Indian constitution marking the recognition that we Indians thrive in a sovereign, secular and democratic land that stands for the principles of justice, liberty and fraternity, the golden words that form the essence of our Preamble to our constitution.

On this day, Ambassador Prabhu Dayal, Consul General of India, New York, gave the history of the nation that provided a glimpse into the magnanimity of its evolution from a country reeling under colonialism, to one of the leading economies in the global scenario within a short span starting from August 15, 1947. While commending the state of Connecticut for writing the American constitution that respects the principles of social equity, productive diversity, cultural respect and civic duty, he got the message across to the People of Indian origin to uphold the Indian values of culture and heritage to contribute towards the strength of America in all spheres.

Lt. Governor, Michael Fedele, while commemorating this day as Indian Republic Day in the State of Connecticut, appreciated the contributions made by the Indian community. Referring himself as an immigrant, he drew a picture of how the immigrants form an American mosaic while enriching America with multicultural ethnic diversity. He commended the role of Indian community in enriching the state with Indian cultural and historical traditions. He was so impressed by the warmth, hospitality and the cultural program of our community that he extended his stay from half an hour to one and a half hours.

Congressman Rob Simmans was highly appreciative not only for the Indian community contribution but the care and share attitude of the community in the social and civic issues of the state.

Rep. Jason Rozas brought the State of Connecticut, General Assembly official citation in recognition of the Republic day of India celebrations in the state of Connecticut

Rep. Gail Hamm congratulated Milan for their many years of services to the residents of the state of Connecticut.

Suresh Sharma, president of Milan briefed the Lt. Governor about the Milan’s activities for caring and sharing the civic and social issues of the state of Connecticut.

The evening was well attended by the community members coming from all pars of the state. They all enjoyed the lively and witty comments of the master of ceremony Rachna Khanna. The program started with American National anthem by Nithya Prakash and the Indian National Anthem by Achal and Ishan Walia. Ravina Khanna narrated the ‘Significance of the Republic of India’, while Kavithea Vjayasekar made a passionate appeal to help the people of Haiti affected by the earth quake. The cultural show featured Hema Vaidyanatha, Kshma Kshrisagar and Anandita Nanda and her students who presented the Oscar winning song JAI-HO.

Milan Cultural Association (an association of the people from India living in Connecticut) is a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (c) (3) community service organization, promoting awareness of Indian culture, customs, traditions, contributions through community programs, events, discussion forums, youth leadership activities and also creating the visibility of the community to the mainstream by participating in the social and civic issues of Connecticut, the state we live in.

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