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Bollywood Baatein

Anoop Kumar

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On Tuesday Katrina Kaif won herself more fans. The minute she stepped on to the stage with Bihar's chief minister Nitish Kumar at Patna's Shri Krishna Memorial Auditorium the crowds roared. Katrina spoke in the local dialect Bhojpuri to the audience and the media gathered for the inauguration of her director Prakash Jha's news channel. From the time she landed in Patna Katrina rehearsed her Bhojpuri lines for the evening. On Tuesday afternoon Katrina along with her Raajneeti co-stars Arjun Rampal and Manoj Bajpai flew into Patna in a private jet hired by Prakash Jha.They headed straight from the airport to Jha's residence in the suburbs. As soon as news spread that Katrina was visiting Jha's residence hundreds of fans from Patna and the outskirts gathered around the house. Says Prakash, “Katrina had no idea of her popularity in Bihar. She has a very deep connect with audiences. She has the kind of image that Hema Malini has. Not one cheap remark, no jostling crowds, no. They now call her Bihar Ki Beti.”

What is wrong in saying that everyone is welcome to India, wonders Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, in the cross hairs of the Shiv Sena for his comments on Pakistani cricketers and facing threats that his new film "My Name is Khan" would not be allowed to be screened. "If there is an issue with me you have to sort it out with me and talk to me about my ideology," Shah Rukh told over the phone from New York where he promoting "My Name Is Khan". "As far as the film is concerned, that is an incidental thing. According to me, that's not something they should take their ire against and hopefully they won't and nobody will and it will release and, inshaallah, people will like it," he said. "I have nothing to respond," said Shah Rukh when asked about Shiv Sena's threat to disrupt the screening of the film if he did not apologize for speaking against the exclusion of Pakistani cricketers from the Indian Premier League (IPL). "I don't even understand what 'My Name Is Khan' has got to do with what I say," he said. "You know 'My Name Is Khan' is not only my film. It has got Kajol and Karan (Johar) and 150 other people whose livelihood depends on that.

Om Puri's personal life has pretty much been out in the public these days. Since he announced his decision to return to his first wife, Seema Kapoor, Om's second wife Nandita isn't the only one who isn't happy. Seema's brother, actor Annu Kapoor is shocked that his sister has agreed to live with Om again, after everything he put her through.  Annu believes that when Om says that he wants to spend his old age with his first wife, he actually means that he needs support.  Annu thinks Om should go get a maid instead. He reminisces about the time when Om had lashed Seema with false allegations and Annu brought her to his house back then and told her that she would live with him thereon. Annu doesn't want to accept Om's public apologies and he will make sure that Seema doesn't go back to live with him. He takes pride in the fact that his sister never remarried, even though she was divorced from Om Puri for 16 years. He just feels bad that Seema remained quiet all this time.

After Abhishek Bachchan, who recently showed his concern to save tigers, it is the turn of the lovely Lara Dutta, to show her empathy towards the cause. Lara has come forward to raise her voice against the big cats’ extinction. Lara says, “It’s sad to see the extinction of tigers in India. What are we waiting for; for the numbers to reduce from 1411 to 14? Is that when we will act? I think it’s high time we should do something about it. It’s better late than never.” Lara and Abhishek are the latest entrants in save tigers cause. Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham, Kareena Kapoor, Preity Zinta and Farhan Akhtar, sportsmen Rahul Dravid and Rajyavardhan Rathore have been quite active in the campaign to save tigers. In fact, John is producing a documentary movie on preservation of tigers titled ‘The Return Of The Tiger’ to be directed by internationally renowned filmmaker Mike Pandey.

Actress Vidya Malvade says she enjoyed working with Siddharth on the sets of their forthcoming film Striker as they shared a very friendly relationship and often played pranks on each other."I have shot 98 percent of the time with Siddharth and I must say he is a fine actor. He is very supportive and a fun guy to work with. He is not at all selfish and helped me during shoots. We share a very friendly relationship. I kept slapping him now and then. We are very comfortable in each other's presence, "  said Vidya . Vidya, who carved a niche for herself with "Chak De! India", was last seen as Minnisha Lamba's mother in "Kidnap". But in "Striker" she plays a college girl who belongs to a lower middle-class Maharashtrian family. "The name of my character is Devi Sarah. I play a college going student. Devi is a very straight forward and simple Maharashtrian girl. You would always find her with books because she believes that by studying hard she can improve her family's living standards. She is a girl you would easily relate to as a friend, sister, girlfriend. I could understand the role easily as I am a Maharashtrian myself. I know how it is to start from scratch. My dad has also gone through the same struggle and by god's grace we have been blessed.I am carrying a very toned look, not very glamorous. You will see me in salwar-kameez, and neatly tied-up hair," said Vidya.

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