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Ekal Vidyalaya - Transforming India Through Education

Ram Nehra

I just returned from a 28 days visit to India.  The country which is dreaming to become a Super Power is in complete unbearable menacing chaos.  I found three India withen one India - a supper rich, a pathetic poor & nestled in between is an aimless middle class.


The rich is the privileged class who give a damn about the country & its people.  They are utterly immune to the sufferings of others. Wealth hoarding is their purpose & goal in life.  The disparity between them & the darn poor is shocking, outrageous & criminal


The middle class is trying to reach the stars.  He is always watching what his neighbor is up to.  If the neighbor bought an automobile he must also buy whether he needs or afford it or not.


The ignorant poor lives in subhuman conditions.  He endures the abuse. insult & ridicule of the privileged.


India is infinitely a complicated country.  There is a rule of law, however no one heeds to it. Madu Koda, former chief minster of Jharkhand, has been ignoring summons in money laundering case of over 4000 crore rupees.  No minister has ever gone to jail for looting the National Treasure.  The country is ruled by people, most of them are corrupt, incompetent & criminals.


However there is a silver lining in this dysfunctional, corrupt, garbage ridden, deathly traffic extremely poor & pervasively polluted "Incredible India"


On October 29, 30, 31 & November 1 09 over 13,000 Vanvasi (tribal) volunteers gathered in Rohini Park in New Delhi.  They came from the jungles & the most remote areas of India.  Thousands of them rode bus or train first time in their lives.  It was a true reflection of grass root work. progress & strength of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation,  largest educational charity NGO  in the world.


On Oct. 29 Yogirishi Swami Ram Dave inaugurated the Ekal Kumbh (Conference).  He praised the Ekal Vidyalaya for its wonderful work in educating the poor in the most remote areas of India.  He said that Ekal education will eliminate poverty & terrorism in India.  Among other speakers Sadhvi Ritambhara in her dynamic speech said that the ignorant poor children of the country are just collecting garbage to day.  She asked the gathered Ekal volunteers not to rest till their work reaches all the villages of India.


Ekal Foundation is a peoples movement who have taken the responsibility to eradicate illiteracy from the face of tribal India. Ekal movement started in 1988 from the state of Jharkhand in India & to day Ekal operats  schools in over 27,000 villages educating close to 800,000 students.  These schools function on single teacher non- formal teaching system.  On an average 30 students are enrolled in a school.  The most striking feature is that IT JUST COST ONE DOLLAR A DAY TO EDUCATE 30 TO 40 CHILDREN.  It is very cost effective program where administrative cost is less than 10%.  Besides providing basic education Ekal has also taken responsibility in providing health education, village development & village empowerment. For further information please go to our web site www.ekal.org or contact me nehraram@yahoo.com


Ekal convention was a tremendous success.We resolved to reach 100,000 villages in India by 2013, one village at a time. It was an awesome experience for me. I was overwhelmed & Inspired. It bolstered my resolve to work harder for this noble cause. It was nice visiting relatives in India but it is more comforting to be back home, my home, America.


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