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Do you know how much "an hour of your salary" is worth ?

An open letter from IHO Vice President, Pramila Vivek

International Health Organization (IHO) is celebrating its tenth anniversary by launching a Work an Hour fund raising drive to begin on January 26, 2002.

We request that you donate an hour’s worth or more of your salary to go to health and rural development projects in India and Nepal. This fundraising drive will end April 30, 2002

Who We are: The International Health Organization’ (IHO), is a Boston- based, non-profit tax-exempt organization. In collaboration with ‘Health and Public Welfare Society’ (HPW), our counterpart institution based in India, we have been implementing public health and development projects in rural India and Nepal since 1992 through a three-pronged approach of inter-sectoral collaboration: environmental health, (control of water-borne diseases, such as diarrhea and cholera); community health (such as maternal and child health, AIDS,), and empowerment of women through vocational and health education

The Problem: Nearly 10 years of experience have taught us that the well-being of children and the well-being of mothers cannot be separated. To save children, we must invest in their mothers by providing them access to education, maternal and child health care, and economic opportunities. Women’s economic clout is virtually nonexistent in the developing world. In fact, two-thirds of the world’s 1.3 billion desperately poor are women, living on less than one dollar a day. But with access to $30 - $200 micro-loans to begin or expand small businesses, women can prosper. Empowering women financially combats both high poverty rates and low social status. And when mothers benefit, children benefit.

It is now quite apparent that HIV/AIDS is more than a public health crisis: the United Nations AIDS (UNAIDS) characterizes it as a far-reaching development crisis. UNAIDS agency estimates that more than 50% of the world’s new AIDS cases will be in South Asia, the majority in India. Currently, very few organizations internationally and locally are working on AIDS in India. While we continue to provide basic primary and maternal and child health care for the disenfranchised population of India and Nepal, we are now also implementing AIDS prevention programs. The challenges facing women and children around the world are far greater than any one person or organization can handle. By working together, we can accomplish a great deal. Join us and take action to build awareness and support of programs that can help make real and lasting change for children and their families. Individuals and organizations from around the world are joining together to show their support for our children

What you can do? You can make a difference by showing your support for these joint efforts and through your support of International Health Organization’s work in South Asia by contributing one hour of your salary to IHO.

Sample Programs: Immunization of Children Immunization of Women for Tetanus Installation of water pumps and septic tanks Training of Women in Income generating activities Provision of Community-based Maternal and Child Health Prevention, Control of Water-borne illnesses – one of the most serious health problems in India HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention

Make your tax deductible contribution to : IHO, 60 Birmingham Parkway, suite 105, Brighton, MA 02135 Please visit our web site at ihousa.org

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